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Verbatim Announces Development Plans for both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD Media
Press Release

Verbatim Corporation, world-leading optical media developers and
marketers, have announced plans to support the development of both
Blu-ray and High-Definition DVD (HD-DVD) recordable and rewritable
media. Both formats are expected to begin shipping in early 2006, when
high- definition drives and recorders are expected to be released.


Verbatim Blu-ray media will be available with 25GB (single-layer) and
50GB (double-layer) capacities.  The HD-DVD media will be
available with a single-layer capacity of 15GB. Double- layer HD-DVD
media is also being developed for release following format
finalisation. With premium-quality recordable media that meets the
specifications of these new high-capacity, high definition formats;
users will be able to record and enjoy the amazingly sharp images that
high- definition video provides. The high-capacity discs will also find
extensive application in computer data storage.


Verbatim is already working with the standards groups and
burner/recorder manufacturers to develop and refine the materials and
manufacturing processes, has joined both the BDA (Blue- ray Disc
Association) as a contributor and the HD-DVD Promotion Group as a
general member.  Verbatim officials noted that the company will
leverage its experience in producing professional blue laser media for
the consumers as well.


“Verbatim’s proven R&D strength will play a prominent role in the
development of next-generation  blue laser media technology,” said
Merv Tabe, Verbatim Australia’s Managing Director. “Verbatim has
established itself as the industry leader in DVD technology and our
growing expertise in double layer technology will enable us to rapidly
migrate to the production of blue-laser media.”


A world leader in media dye, sputtering and production process technologies, Verbatim  

has assigned the development of the next-generation technologies to two
of its leading-edge facilities. The Singapore facility, where
substantial experience has been gained in producing DVD double layer
media, is the focal point for the development of HD DVD recordable
media. With its expertise in magneto-optical and UDO media development
and high-precision mastering, the Mizushima Plant, in Japan, will focus
on the Blu-ray media.


The two high-definition formats are currently rallying support from
major distributors and manufacturers worldwide in order to become the
next standard for movie and data storage. Whilst there has been talk of
a compromise format being developed, there has been no final decision
released on this subject and it has become increasingly apparent that
both formats will be released to market.


About Verbatim

Verbatim® Corporation, a Mitsubishi® Chemical Media Company, is an
international organisation that develops and markets innovative,
high-quality products for storing, moving and using digital content.
Known for its leadership in the removable storage media and related
accessories markets, the company provides reliable, unique technologies
and products that are highly sought after and broadly distributed


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