Follow-up to Competition Terms and Conditions

An email has prompted a follow-up about the competition that triggered the original piece.
As a follow-up to my piece on competition terms and conditions, I have some news about the competition that triggered my writing of the article. I received an email from them this morning saying that since many photographers had complained about their ‘unintended’ terms and conditions granting themselves full rights over all entered images, they had changed these terms. They now only claim perpetual rights over the winning images and only for the purposes of promoting the magazine and competition. This is much more reasonable, as given the nature of the Internet, one can never be sure where something will be mirrored or stored and where it will be seen.

Now I have no idea whether my previous piece had contributed to their change of mind, but it is good to see that they have responded to criticism and made sensible changes to the terms and conditions. So, for those that are interested, it is a travel photography competition, run by City Magazine ( One thing I would add, since they have not yet announced what the actual prizes are, is that I would not enter until you are in a position to judge if the prizes on offer warrant the rights that they are asking for.

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