Foto Tips – Checking The Time

Mark Alberhasky offers up a great piece of advice for those trying for that little extra something in their photography.
Season’s Greetings everyone!
As the holidays roll around again, we’ll all be reaching for our cameras.  Some of us will be traveling during the holidays, as I just was.  While Las Vegas is not necessarily the destination most of us think of this time of year (those of you who do know who you are!), my quick visit gave me both a great shot, and a great idea for a brief but useful foto tip.
What is a really creative tool you always have with you, but would likely never consider a photography aid?
Your wrist watch.
How many times have you been walking along, especially around sunset, and thought, “What a beautiful sky, skyline, or sunset vista.”  Most people not afflicted with the disease photographers suffer from, have this thought and then think, “Oh good, there’s a Starbuck’s.  I can get a mocha latte grande whatchamacallit now.”
Those of us with pixels in our blood are instead thinking, “Why didn’t I bring my camera.”
But my suggestion is, look at your wrist watch.  Of course nothing in life, especially the weather, is guaranteed, BUT if you are in one of those places were there is a good chance tomorrow’s sky could be a repeat performance, you just got a sneak preview.  Look around and plan your strategy (pick a good vantage point) and make plans to be there the next day a little in advance of the right time.
I was walking the strip in Vegas.  The blue sky thing was happening big time in the twilight sky, and the neon lights and Bellagio fountain were gorgeous.  But they are almost every night in Las Vegas if you know when the sun is setting.  So I clocked it and made a date for the following evening.  My vantage point was as high in the sky as I could get, and the result was worth the wait and the effort.
The attached shot is a Las Vegas image I have wanted to take for years.  I’ve always had cameras with me, but hadn’t been using my head or my watch.
Mark Alberhasky Photography

Put them together and good things can happen.
Happy Holidays!

Mark Alberhasky Photography
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