Infographic of the Day: Wayne’s Movements Courtesy of iPhone

As you may have heard, the iPhone tracks your movements continuously and stores this info in a file on the iPhone that gets backed up to your computer by iTunes. It does this using the mobile phone tower triangulation that is used as a backup for and to speed up your GPS system.

Below is a non-infographic (non because it really contains no useful info at all) I produced from this data in my iPhone using the free iPhone Tracker software (

Below are some of the individual images that make up layers in the above:

One of the benefits of being on the somewhat challenged 3/Vodaphone network is that my iPhone does not appear to have done a great job of tracking my detailed movements. My home does not show well (1 bar reception), whilst where I run many of my workshops does, but then my phone is roaming there (which seems to record more accurately).The lesson from that is that spies, terrorists and serial adulterers should use the same network I do. You’ll be safe (and uncontactable).

The first image above shows a very blurred map. The map download seemed quite slow, presumably because so many people were busy as the news broke checking on the movements of their spouses before they wised up and deleted the info.

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