Infrared at Hanging Rock

A day out shooting at Hanging Rock with my infrared converted Canon 350D camerarnHanging Rock is an amazing place.
Though most people have heard of it as a result of the amazing fictional book and movie, Hanging Rock is a weird place in real life.


Last Saturday we went for a family drive through the area and spent some time at Hanging Rock. It is am amazing place. Sticking up from a largely flat surround, the walk to the top is steep and challenging in places. But it is worth it because you are rewarded by stunning views and great rock formations and plant/rock combinations when you get there. Stunning shots are to be taken all the way from the base, with the rock towering above you, to the top.

On top there are many narrow passageways between the rocks, creating a mass of individual views to shoot and explore. One thing that is amazing about the place is that although it is not massive in area it is still easy to get lost. I got separated from my school group on the top back when I was eleven. One minute I was surrounded by 60 noisy school kids and the next minute they were gone and I could not even hear them. Very weird. In wandering lost I found three other schoolmates that the same thing had happened to. We kept walking downwards knowing that eventually we would get to the base and could always walk around the rock to find the car park and buses. This we did.
This time I had my daughter with me (my wife and mother-in-law only made it part way up as it was a hot day). I took my converted (by Canon 350D camera and the Canon 40D I have for review with me.

Hanging Rock photo by Wayne Cosshall

Hanging Rock works well in IR. Not all Australian trees record well in IR but those on the rock did. The contrast between the plants and the rocks works and there were so many scenes to shoot that I will be returning soon for another session.

Hanging Rock photo by Wayne Cosshall

You can view more images from this shoot in the gallery on my personal photography and art website.

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