Legal Issues and Photographers

Lately lots of questions about the law and how it applies to photographers have been appearing on the mailing lists I belong to. Here are some resources.
There are many legal issues that can crop up for photographers and people using photographs in artwork or for other purposes. Two great resources for these questions are some web sites run by lawyers who are also photographers.

The first is Bert P. Krages web site.
He is a lawyer who is also a photographer and has prepared a PDF
document of your rights to photograph that you can carry with you
in case of problems. It is for the US but a link to one for the UK is on
his site.

The other is,
which contains great information. A blog by a lawyer, Carolyn Wright,
there is great information here for those with questions about the
various laws and how they apply to photography. Another US site.

I’ll add more to this list as I become aware of them.

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