Macromedia Announce MAX Winners

Airservices Australia and Tequila lead Australian success at the 2005 MAX Awards
Press Release

Macromedia today announced the winners of the 2005 MAX Awards, which
recognise the top digital experiences built with Macromedia

The judges at MAX 2005 selected Airservices Australia as the winner in
the ‘government experience’ category for its ‘Flying Around’
project.  Created by Airservices Australia using Macromedia Flash,
Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Fireworks, and Macromedia FreeHand,
Flying Around is an informational website and interactive visual guide
to increase pilots’ awareness in and around controlled airspaces. The
site helps pilots operate safe and effective flights by providing
interactive charts, aerial photos showing new geography of the
landscape, specific information on each capital city, and controller
tips about hazards in areas of controlled airspace. To view the
website, click

Sydney-based developer, Tequila, also won the award for best media,
entertainment and gaming experience for its work on the Wedding
Crashers movie viral ‘Crash This Trailer’ for New Line Cinema. To view
the website, click

Developed by Tequila with Macromedia Flash, New Line Cinema allows site
visitors to ‘crash’ the trailer for their film, Wedding Crashers. 
Visitors can upload a picture and become one of the five major
characters in the trailer.  Macromedia Flash animates the user’s
face, making it seem as if they are Owen Wilson or Isla Fisher.

“We’re consistently amazed and inspired by our customers’
groundbreaking work,” said John Biviano, managing director of
Macromedia Australia and New Zealand.  “It’s an honour to have the
opportunity to acknowledge their cutting-edge achievements in driving
great experiences on the Internet and digital devices with the 2005 MAX

Richard Turner-Jones, Visual Application Developer at Airservices
Australia, said, “We are very pleased to be recognised for our ‘Flying
Around’ website.  Every year, dozens of General Aviation (GA)
pilots stray into controlled airspace.  We found that many pilots,
both new and experienced, were straying into controlled airspace due to
unfamiliarity with the area, or because they were unaware of changes to
existing airspace.  By incorporating an ‘Interactive Viewer’ on
the website, pilots can now familiarise themselves with their flight
path before taking off, decreasing the risk of a serious incident

“We chose Macromedia because we needed a solution that was easy to
maintain, could work across multiple platforms, and be able to cope
with different connection speeds and skill levels.  In developing
the site, we also found that the use of scripting inside Macromedia
Fireworks and Macromedia Flash made many repetitive tasks easier,” said

Ajoy Roy-Chowdhury, Business Director at Tequila, said, “New Line
Cinema in Hollywood specifically chose Tequila because of our ability
to combine first rate Macromedia skills with world class digital
design. For Wedding Crashers New Line Cinema asked us to produce work
that would cut through the clutter of online movie trailers so our use
of Macromedia Flash had to be highly innovative and above all involving
for the consumer. Only Macromedia could have helped us deliver the
final product.”

Winners and finalists for the 2005 MAX Awards were selected by a team
of Macromedia judges based on design and development, usability,
application of Macromedia technology, and brand building.

For more information on 2005 MAX Awards finalists and winners, please visit:


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