Monochrome Part 3 Digital Toning V2

Digital Toning Another Way
There are so many ways in Photoshop to achieve the toning effect. Here is another one.

In this approach we will take the color from another image and use that
to ‘tone’ the image. You might want to do this to create a coherent
color scheme between a group of images or to match particular
furnishings in a decorative situation. The steps boil down to the

1.    Open the image whose color we need to sample.

2.    Use the eyedropper tool to pick the color we want,
in this case the hot pink from the flower for shock value. Optionally
save the foreground color in the Swatches Palette. This is very useful
if you are working on a series, as you can save the Swatches for use

3.    Open the monochrome image or convert a color image
to monochrome. Convert the monochrome image back to RGB mode.

4.    Create a new layer above the background image and fill it with our chosen color.

5.    Change the layer’s blending mode to color and suddenly we have a toned, if garish in this case, image.

6.    You can use the Opacity control to lower the intensity of the toning without shifting the hue of the tone.

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