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Nikon offers photo storage and sharing service, “my Picturetown”, in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia
Press Release

Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce “my Picturetown” service – a smart photo storage and sharing site available in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. Nikon was the first company in the world to incorporate Wi-Fi functions in digital cameras and now they are bringing that expertise and experience to online photo storage and sharing. my Picturetown offers users new ways to enjoy digital images “anytime, anywhere” by organically linking digital cameras, the Internet and computers.

From easy organisation to Wi-Fi upload, my Picturetown offers users the ease and convenience of searching pictures effectively, sharing pictures through email notifications, and posting URLs of photos to blogs and social networking services (SNS). Photos can be sent to my Picturetown with Wi-Fi enabled COOLPIX cameras and with just a touch of a button, users can share photos with friends and family almost instantly!

Besides photo sharing functionality, my Picturetown also provides photo and video storage through direct wireless transfer from a Wi-Fi COOLPIX camera. Users can do all this without having to start up their computer or remove and insert SD memory cards, therefore minimising the risk of losing existing photos and also frees up storage space on memory cards.

my Picturetown allows storage of large volumes of pictures with two types of memberships – a free account providing 2 GB of storage capacity (free of charge) and a Gold account providing 20 GB for a low monthly fee. At launch, Gold Accounts with 20GB of storage will be available for a limited free trial period (Charges for Gold account will be announced at a later date).
Main features of my Picturetown

Easy uploading and organisation
Batches of photos are easily uploaded using my Picturetown’s “Quick Upload” tool.  Even RAW (NEF) files can be uploaded and are viewable as JPEGs. Once uploaded, photos are easily organised through a simple to use drag-and-drop interface. 

Powerful Search
Photos can be tagged and rated using a scale of 0-5 for ease of search. Additionally, searches can be further refined by the date they were uploaded or taken using a calendar. 

Wi-Fi upload
Nikon Wi-Fi camera users* can upload photos directly to my Picturetown from their cameras using a Wi-Fi connection and email friends and family to notify them that new photos have been uploaded.
* COOLPIX S52c, S51c and S50c

Breathtaking slide shows with music
A full-screen slideshow option is available for viewing photos with up to 25 choices for background music.

Post to blogs and SNS
URLs of photos can be directly posted to blogs and social networking services (SNS). 

Supported languages
my Picturetown is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, and German.

For more information on my Picturetown please visit

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