Phoozl is a Photo-based Game Site is a website for photographers who like games. At launch it had about 30 games. One word of warning, it is a Flash-based site, so don’t try viewing it from an iPad.

The site looks great, the games are fun and work well. Basically it comes down to this: if you like the types of games on the site, you will love Phoozl. If not, you won’t like Phoozl. It really is that simple.

Harald Johnson and team have done a great job giving the site a fun, happy feeling and the games are certainly well designed and effective, though of course the wait for a Flash game to download can be tiresome on a slow Internet connection.

The site also puts some emphasis on learning through having fun. This I am least sure about, mainly because I worry that the learning you can do through such a means is too shallow and less effective that better methods of learning, but that might just be me.

Will I become a Phoozleer, as they call users? In short, no. As an old-time wargamer, my taste in games needs to satisfy the odd uncontrollable urge to invade Poland (from East or West), to take to the Celts with a Roman legion or explore the complexities of combined arms warfare. But then that is not to everyone else’s taste either.

That said, I can happily recommend for your photographic gaming pleasure. The site has good, clean fun, interesting games and an effective user interface. You might learn something in the bargain.

Also Phoozl has now started the first photo challenge called Mission Blue, which looks like a fun challenge.

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