Photoflex MultiDisc 5 â

Light reflectors are a great tool for good lighting.

Digital cameras have not removed the need for careful lighting. In fact
they have made life a lot easier by allowing you to check exactly how
the lighting is going to be seen by the camera.

One essential piece of lighting equipment is the reflector. Used to
bounce light into shadow areas to reduce contrast, they are ideal in
the field where using additional lights to achieve the same effect is
not possible. Photoflex make some great products, and the MultiDisc
5’n1 is definitely one of them.

The MultiDisc is a spring steel circular frame that comes with five
different covering surfaces: gold, soft gold, silver, white and
translucent. The MultiDisc folds up by twisting and then is zipped into
a small cover, making for a nice, compact item to carry and store. To
use, remove its cover, let it spring open and then choose the cover you

The gold and soft gold offer an effective warming fill light. Silver
gives a stronger, more directional fill. White is a good, general fill
and translucent can be ideal for things like macro photography or
turning a harsh, point light source into a wide area one. They are
available in three sizes: 22″, 32″ and 42″. I’ve found the 32″ an ideal

There is also a MultiDisc Kit, which features a 42″ (107 mm) MultiDisc
5’n1 reflector, LiteDisc Holder, and LiteStand, and Carry Bag. The only
reflector system with five reflective surfaces, MultiDisc uses
Photoflex’s proprietary double-laminated fabric. Fabrics included are
gold, soft gold, white, silver and translucent surfaces, and are housed
in an easy-to-use, zippered and handled Carry Bag.  The LiteDisc
Holder holds and positions the MultiDisc, rotating and swiveling for
precise positioning. Extending to 10’8″ (325 cm), the four-section
LiteStand 2218 offers maximum stability and security, with widened
footprint, reinforced brace supports, and thicker aluminum tubing than
its competitors.

The MultiDisc is a great product, well made and it goes its job well. Very highly recommended.

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