Sept 2006 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – Don Relyea

This site shows the generative art work of Don Relyea, which includes both visual art works and music.
Don Relyea Web Site Award

Don is a fine art printmaker by training and an explorer by disposition. He explores the algorithmic landscape created by code and algorithm on his computers, creating wonderful visual art pieces and music in the process.

Don Relyea Web Site Award

Don’s art process lies in the generative sphere (for visual art), where he creates code that iterates and thus produces the work of art. I’ll concentrate on the visual art, as this is more my area, and is done through generative techniques. Don is exploring generative techniques in his music work but so far all his music is done using various non-generative techniques. The result may be a still image, a video or a piece of code that must be run each time to generate the work as it is being viewed. He thus works in program code and scripting languages.

Don Relyea Web Site Award

The work displayed on the web site is bright, interesting and ever changing as he adds new projects and pieces. Whilst algorithmic art existed before computers in a very limited way, it is such a natural fit that when you view Don’s work it is easy to sense that you are seeing part of the real impact of digital processes on art.

Don Relyea Web Site Award

The web site is well organized and easy to navigate. It is bright, to match the work, and, with his inclusion of free screensavers, a site that allows you to take home more than just ideas.

This is a great site and well deserving of the Site Award. Well done Don.

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