Sony Plays the Dummy With Its P series Notebooks

Son’s latest public relations activity involves using mannequins with the Sony Vaio P Series notebook computers, photography and web activities.
Mannequins Escape from Department Store Windows, Hit Manhattan Streets in High Fashion with the Season’s Must-Have Accessory: Sony’s VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC

WHAT: Fashion mannequins from New York City’s department store windows have broken free and are taking the city by storm, armed with the Sony VAIO Lifestyle PC.

WHY: Fed up with watching Fashion Week from their glass boxes, ten mannequins have escaped from their store windows to hit the streets of the New York!

WHO: Ten mannequins outfitted by acclaimed up-and-coming fashion designers – threeASFOUR, Elise Overland, Katy Rodriguez, and Libertine – all carrying the season’s “It” notebook.

The live mannequins will circulate through high-traffic areas in the city’s hottest neighborhoods to illustrate that this new PC is the ideal accessory to any fashion ensemble.

Sony Vaio P Series

WHEN: Commencing Friday, January 30, 2009 and continuing through February 14.

WHERE: New York City; The models come alive at Grand Central Station and will hit seven other fashion-forward locations around the city including Chelsea and SoHo over the next two weeks. View the map and follow the mannequin’s activities, at, starting February 1.

Sony Vaio P Series

Decked out in the season’s hottest fashions, they will take on the city in style, accessorized with Sony’s sleek new 1.4 pound VAIO Lifestyle PC. Each mannequin will be updating her Facebook status throughout the city’s hottest neighborhoods, using the VAIO’s GPS and 3G Mobile Broadband to communicate and meet up. If you find them, you can IM with them from their extra notebook.

Sony Vaio P Series

Come check out the latest fashion accessory and interact with the mannequins. For real-time location information, behind the scenes videos from the designers, photos from the streets, and other images, visit


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