Spanish Websites Suffer From Poor Performance

WatchMouse research shows that 71% of IBEX websites availability is below industry standards
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Of the top 35 funds listed on the Bolsa de Madrid (IBEX), 25 have
websites with poor to dramatically poor availability. Many of the sites
are badly accessible or unavailable for more than an hour per month.

The worst site, that of Antena 3 TV, is even unavailable for an equivalent of more than 8 days per month.

This was the conclusion drawn from the first Spanish Site Availability
Index created by WatchMouse, a company supplying monitoring services
for websites and e-commerce applications worldwide. In order to
determine the extent to which the sites of IBEX funds achieve a
satisfactory uptime, WatchMouse ran its monitored the sites
continuously between October 23 and November 11, 2005. Every five
minutes, one of WatchMouse’s test stations tried to access the homepage
of the site, which was expected to download within 8 seconds, without
any errors.

An uptime of 99.9% is seen as the minimum acceptable level. This
percentage is also often quoted in service level agreements (SLAs) with
hosting providers. There were only five sites which achieved perfect
100% availability – Sogecable, Arcelor, FCC, BSCH and Altadis. The
availability of the three worst performers was less than 95%; Acerinox
(94.66%), Gamesa (86.54%) and Antena 3 TV with 73.05%.

Mark Pors, chief technology officer at WatchMouse, stated that he was
“very surprised” by the results. “With several sites, we found an
uptime that was worse than that of many smaller companies. This is
worrying as IBEX funds in particular should give a great deal of
priority to their corporate image. Maximum uptime should be part of the
overall ‘brand performance’.”

Pors suspects that for some sites, the popularity could be a reason for
poor availability. “Some of the sites belonging to IBEX funds will get
a lot of traffic. However, this is no excuse; if we look at large
online brokers in the US, for example, all achieve an uptime in excess
of 99.9%.”

A complete overview of the monitoring results of the WatchMouse Site Availability Index, listing the 35 sites, can be found on

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