Strong Emotion Is Powerful

ImageMaker photography tip number 1
Shoot what you love and what you hate.
Anything you are ambivalent
about, leave.

Emotions are powerful and two of the strongest are love and hate. When you are passionate about something your emotions will be strong. The strong emotion you have (either way, love or hate) will eventually lead you to stronger images. When we have wishy-washy feelings about a subject we risk creating wishy-washy images.

We also want our viewers to have a strong reaction to our images. Love the images is great. Hate the images with a passion is also great, because we have made a lasting impression. If you are building a reputation in your photography, effectively branding yourself, awareness of your name is important. All the people who hates Andre Serrano’s ‘Piss Christ’ did nothing to hurt his career and in fact greatly advanced it.

Strong emotional response is your aim, both yours when coming to the subject and your viewers when they see the result of your imagemaking.

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