Foto Tips – Cod Liver Oil and Photography

Mark Alberhasky looks at life and other distractions, and how to motivate ourselves to get out with our camera and shoot The mere words, “cod liver oil”, bring a grimace to the face of anyone who has firsthand experience with a spoonful.  For those of you without this fond memory, just understand that it’s about […]

Foto Tips – Bringing It All Together

Mark Alberhasky offers up a great piece of advice for those trying for that little extra something in their photography. I just returned from teaching a photo workshop in San Francisco for the American PHOTO / PopPhoto Mentor Series.  As usual, the process of teaching others is an opportunity to revisit basic principles and renew […]

Comet McNaught Photographs on a 400D and in Infrared with a 350D

Here are some of the shots I got of Comet McNaught while away at the beach. 22/01/07 9:35PM AEDT, Canon 400D and Canon 17-35mm F2.8L at 17mm, f2.8 and 30 seconds at 1600ISO I’ve just returned from five days away at the beach. While there I got the following shots of Comet McNaught over several […]