Arles Report 2006

The Les Rencontres D’Arles Photographie opened 4th of July and runs through to 17th of September with photographic exhibitions, folio evaluations and much more.
Arles Photo Festival

This was the first Arles photo event I have managed to get to, courtesy of Hewlett Packard (a big thank you). Photography takes over this old Roman town and in addition to the official festival events there are photographic shows all over town and spread over two and a half months, though the core festival week runs at the start of July.

Arles Photo Festival

Arles is a great opportunity to over dose on photography. People fly in from all over the world for a combination of exhibitions (lots of them), lectures and socializing with old and new friends. This year there was a lot of what I would call documentary style photography on show. However, given the huge number of both official and unofficial photo exhibitions, you could find work of all genres and to suit all tastes, from the straight fine art photography through to the heavily manipulated digital.

Arles Photo Festival

The largest single photo exhibition was held in a number of former railway sheds. These were connected by gravel paths lined with red flags, which formed an interesting subject for all the photographers present in its own right.

Arles Photo Festival

Given how many shows were on, and how beautiful Arles is, I took to just wandering around and stumbling onto photo exhibitions in little laneways. There was also some guerrilla activity going on, with people gluing postcard size images all over the place on walls and street signs.

Arles Photo Festival

I must confess to having been overwhelmed by the amount of photography on show at my first Arles. So rather than try to note individual photographer’s names whose work caught my eye, I chose to instead just soak in the atmosphere and get an overall feeling for the photography on show. What was obvious is that photography is alive and kicking, if rapidly moving into the digital domain. The vast majority of cameras I saw were Canon, and then Nikon, digitals, though there were a fair number of Leica film cameras in evidence too.

Arles Photo Festival

Harald Johnson
Here we see Harald Johnson hard at work. Given the heat, keeping your water intake up and getting rest when you can was a high priority

Arles Photo Festival
Arles is a great place to socialise with other photographers and artists. Here we have, from left, Nadia Salameh, Helen Golden, Mark Alberhasky and his wife Cindy and John Henshall. Mark is a columnist on the DIMi site. John (from England) and myself (from Australia) spent the night telling dirty jokes to our American friends. A great time was had by all and we discovered that English and Australian humor seems to be universally enjoyed 🙂 Perhaps it was the wine

HP Center at Arles
HP’s Print Center in an old church provided printing and custom photo books for visitors

Arles Photo Festival
The exhibition of new photography books of the previous year shows there is no shortage in the desire to publish great photo books

David Saffir Talk at Arles
The talks were well attended. Here David Saffir examines whether film is dead

Arles Photo Festival
Many churches were pressed into service as exhibition venues

Lots of prints were located outside. Here it is outside the HP Print Center

I can recommend Arles if you get the chance, and I’ll be back if I get the chance. Just be prepared for it to be very hot, expect visual overload and take lots of film or memory cards.

International Digital Print Competition/Exhibition in NYC Call for Entries

“Bio/Med SciART,” to be held at the New York Hall of Science from September 30, 2006 – January 15, 2007.
Deadline: August 3, 2006
Digital06: Bio/Med SciART
International Digital Print Competition/Exhibition in NYC
Art & Science Collaborations, Inc (ASCI) is pleased to announce the Open Call for its 8th annual, international digital print competition/exhibition, “Bio/Med SciART,” to be held at the New York Hall of Science from September 30, 2006 – January 15, 2007. The aim of this exhibition is to explore how the health, medical, biosciences [including biology in general and also neuroscience] and biotechnologies are influencing the content of contemporary art via digital prints.
JURORS:   This year’s competition selections will be made in an art-science collaborative process between ASCI Director, Cynthia Pannucci, and Ramunas Kondratas, Curator of the medical collections in the Division of Medicine and Science at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.
Entry Details:

ArtZone Makes Worldwide Debut

Created for Artists of all Disciplines, Pioneering Online Niche Community Delivers Unique Opportunities for Discovery, Interaction and Exposure
Press Release

ArtZone, a unique and focused online destination that brings community to art, is now available and free to artists worldwide at  Backed by DAZ Productions Inc., a leading developer of professional quality 3D models and software, ArtZone brings a new environment that enables the sharing and growth of each member’s passion for art. is a community in which artists of every medium can join and share examples of their work, whether it is computer-generated or otherwise. It was created to be just as inviting to those who simply appreciate art, or want to grow in their own skill levels. Each member may present a personal profile and their own virtual galleries which are open to member comments. Through mediums such as groups, live chats and message boards, artists may also mingle with each other socially, professionally or in any way that encourages their appreciation for creativity and collaboration.

“The common thread in all of ArtZone is the passion for art,” said Dan Farr, president of DAZ Productions. “ArtZone was built around the desires of artists and art enthusiasts, and offers a well-defined and highly accessible outlet to share creations, become inspired and interact with like-minded individuals. Our goal for ArtZone is that it achieves growth and longevity, and becomes the hub for creativity of every kind at any level.”

ArtZone offers unique features including virtual galleries, spotlight images, multimedia links, searchable artist profiles, forums, events and more. During the weeks prior to its official launch, ArtZone memberships were made available to DAZ Published Artists and Platinum Club members, comprised of novice as well as professional artists and animators. Throughout this time, members could offer feedback for improved usability and qualities that would influence them to return and invite peers.

Beta Testers Rave about ArtZone
“I really enjoy the focus on artwork of all types. So many of the artists I know from the 3D circles are also amazing photographers and illustrators in traditional media. It’s so cool to see their work in this new dynamic setting,” says Doug Sturk, a professional artist and printer.

“What I like about ArtZone is that the people here are on the same “level” of thinking, they know what you’re talking about as they share the same “vibe”, creating and being creative, not only in 3D but every medium. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, we help one another, have fun and can meet people from all over the world,” says Donna de Leeuw, a professional designer living in the Netherlands.

“Perhaps I like ArtZone so much because it’s easy to find people with similar interests,” says Krista Heiser, a mother of two and self-described beginning artist and aspiring author.

To take a tour of ArtZone and create your own profile, please visit

About DAZ Productions
Founded in 2000, DAZ Productions Inc., a privately-held company located in Draper, Utah, is a market leader in 3D software and digital content creation. The company’s model library is renowned for containing high-quality 3D content at the industry’s most competitive prices. DAZ also develops powerful software applications that support its content, including Bryce®, a 3D environment and animation package; Carrara(TM), a leading edge, complete 3D modeling, animation and rendering solution; DAZ|Studio(TM), a free 3D digital art creation tool; Hexagon(TM), a polygonal modeling software for the creation of  ‘ready-to-render’ 3D models; and Mimic(TM), a lip-synching application. DAZ’s products have been used in many professional productions, television shows and print publications such as “X-Men 2,” “Spiderman,” “Average Joe,” “48 Hours,” The Wall Street Journal, Popular Science, Scientific American, and the History Channel. For more information, visit the company’s website at

Copyright 2006 DAZ Productions, Inc. DAZ|Studio software is a copyright of DAZ Productions Inc. DAZ and Bryce are Registered Trademarks of DAZ Productions Inc. Mimic is a trademark of DAZ Productions Inc. Carrara, Eovia and Hexagon are registered trademarks or trademarks of Eovia Corp in the United States and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, service marks or trademarks belong to their respective holders

Manipulated Photography Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia

JAGGED EDGE – the innate cruelty, power and beauty of Europe’s Greatest Cities captured and interpreted by photographic artist, Alison Stieven-Taylor
Press Release

Select framed and mounted images from the “Jagged Edge” collection are on exhibition at the Port Art Gallery March 1 -26.  “Jagged Edge” forms part of the exhibition FUSION which combines the work of three Melbourne women – Jennifer Webb, Nina Bove (painting), and Alison Stieven-Taylor (photography) – capturing the essence of worlds traveled, from South America, to Hong Kong, Prague and Budapest, in their art works.

Alison Stieven-Taylor:  The collection of photographic art on show during Fusion is from Alison Stieven-Taylor’s collection “Jagged Edge”. The work communicates the artist’s impressions of some of Europe’s most famous cities – their vibrancy, diversity, quietness and innate cruelty and power are captured in a stunning series of images shot in Budapest, Prague, Roma, Firenze, Paris and Barcelona.

An author, magazine editor and photographic artist, Alison brings her own distinct perspective into the works she creates which are original photographs shot on film, scanned, digitally manipulated and printed on a large format printer on photographic paper.  Of her work she says, “I love to shoot on film.  Film makes you think about the shot, give it the consideration it deserves before you compose and shoot.  The digital element is where creative freedom is born.  The original photo becomes a string of emotions creating a story that is clearly communicated in the image.  As a writer I am intrigued by words.  With photography however, there is no need for words and that is intriguing in itself.”

FUSION: Universal Rhythms in Art – an exhibition by three artists whose work is uniquely influenced by individual world travels.
A truly startling visual experience, FUSION will transport you on an exotic journey of the soul.  Connected through primal rhythms these artworks portray a rich, cultural landscape across nations. Boldly individual, passionate and alive, FUSION will awaken your inner rhythm.

Port Art Gallery 384 Bay Street Port Melbourne (opposite the Town Hall)
General Opening all welcome: Saturday 4th March 2-4pm.  Music, sausage sizzle, wine and good cheer.  Celebrate your life through art!

Art Of Photography Show 2006

Call for entries for photography show with prizes. There is an entry fee though.
Art Of Photography Show 2006


Deadline February 10, 2006

The Art of Photography Show 2006 is an international exhibition of photographic art which will take place April 20 – June 4, 2006 at the elegant two-floor gallery within the Lyceum Theatre, located next to Horton Plaza. The website for the exhibit is A four minute QuickTime clip of the 2004 exhibit can be viewed here:


The Prospectus and entry details are available here: The online entry process is very easy, simply filling out a short registration form and then uploading your
digital files. $3,000 in Cash Awards will be given out. Images created via any form of photography will be accepted for consideration (i.e. shot on film, shot digital, unaltered shots, alternative process, mixed media, digital manipulations, montages, etc.), so long as part of the image is photographically created.


$25 for the first entry, $10 for each additional entry. There is no limit to the number of entries an artist may enter. Payment can be made via PayPal (at the Show website), or via credit card (at the Show website or via fax), or via check.


$1,000  1st Place Award

$   750 2nd Place Award

$   500  3rd Place Award

$   250  4th Place Award

$   100  (5) Honorable Mention Awards


Arthur Ollman, the Director of the Museum Of Photographic Arts (, will be the Judge for the Art of Photography Show 2006. Mr. Ollman will view all of the images in mid-February, being projected with an ultra high-resolution digital projector in a very well organized manner. Once he has made his selections for the Show, the artists will all be notified on March 3, 2006 and will each then arrange to print and frame their selected work. The “ready to hang” framed prints must be delivered to San Diego by April 7, 2006. We expect to hang about 120 pieces in the gallery.


The Art of Photography Show 2006 will be pursuing a vigorous marketing and publicity campaign, to bring maximum media attention to the artists who are juried into the exhibition. 10,000 people are expected to attend the Show during the eight-week run at the Lyceum Theatre gallery, which is open (free) seven days a week. So, the artists and their work will receive a tremendous amount of exposure by the media and the public.


One of our key aims is to sell the work that is exhibited at the Art of Photography Show 2006. Our great love of this art form (and being photographic artists ourselves) prompts us to ‘pull out all of the stops’ in order to showcase a truly excellent presentation of photographic art, to elevate and promote this art form, and to provide substantial benefits to the exhibiting artists through the significant exposure the Show will provide and through the sales revenue we will achieve for the artists.

For more information please contact Steven Churchill:


P: 858-793-0900


Currently on show at Port Art Gallery till December 4
Press Release

Currently on show at Port Art Gallery till December 4

Port Art Gallery 384 Bay Street Port Melbourne

Wednesday to Sunday 11am to 5pm

Melbourne photographic artist Alison Stieven-Taylor’s latest
collection, “Barcelona Hues”, features the striking imagery of Antoni
Gaudi’s architectural works in Barcelona.

Inspired by Gaudi’s desire to create structures that were organic in
form, textured, almost breathing, Alison has created a series of
photographic artworks based on her photos taken over several visits to
Barcelona over the past five years.

The result is a breathtaking array of images that capture the essence of Gaudi; a unique interpretation of his ‘eye’.

Alison Stieven-Taylor:  “As a writer I use words to portray
imagery.  As a photographer I use imagery to convey thought, to
evoke emotion, to challenge perception.  

The images in the Barcelona Hues series reflect the deep layers of
humanity that Antoni Gaudi created in his architectural works.

Gaudi has inspired me for many years.  To walk amongst his
beautiful ethereal, yet almost of flesh and blood creations, to run my
hands across the textured surfaces that seem to breathe and pulse under
touch, to stand in the shadows of giant spires and towering sentinels
and absorb the energy, the lifeblood that exists still; these
experiences have inspired the images in my Barcelona Hues collection.”

To view the full “Barcelona Hues” collection at (select “art gallery”)

For further information

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art Call for Exhibition

Call For Digital Art And Photography
Press Release

Call For Digital Art And Photography

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

107 West Fifth Street

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Director: Rex Bruce


(do not reply to this email)

LACDA announces our juried competion for digital art and photography.
Entrants submit three JPEG files of original work. All styles of 2D
artwork and photography where digital processes of any kind were
integral to the creation of the images are acceptable.

The selected winner recieves 10 prints up to 44×60 inches on canvas or
museum quality paper (approximately a $1500-$2000 value) to be shown in
a solo exhibition in our main gallery from December 8-31, 2005. The
show will be widely promoted and will include a reception for the

Second place prizes: Five second place winners will receive one print
of their work up to 24×36 inches ($150-$200 in value) to be included in
upcoming group shows. Second place winners will be scheduled into group
shows within twelve months of announcement of winners. Consideration is
given to placing these works in shows appropriate to their style, genre
and/or content. These shows will be widely promoted and will include a
reception for the artists.

Special consideration will be given to all entrants for inclusion in
future shows at LACDA. Many entrants from past competitions have
already been included in our exhibits.

Deadline for entries:

November 27, 2005

Winners will be announced December 1, 2005.

Registration fee is $30US.

Direct link to for registration:

Online registration only.

For questions email us at

No phone calls please.

Gallery Information:

Los Angeles Center For Digital Art is dedicated to the propagation of
all forms of digital art, supporting local, international, emerging and
established artists. We have an ongoing schedule of exhibits and
competitions, and produce editions of wide format archival prints.

Kodak â

Kodak offers FREE* photos and awards public photography prize at Australia’s largest Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
Press Release

  • Print FREE* digital photos at the Kodak Marquee located at Marks Park, Bondi
  • Enter the Kodak Digital Photography Competition to win great prizes
  • Share photos with family and friends instantly with EasyShare-one weekend demonstrations

Kodak Australia is continuing its sponsorship of Sculpture by the Sea
and one again inviting visitors to experience FREE digital photo
sharing. The intrinsic connection between photography and the
exhibition ensured Kodak’s ongoing partnership in the highly popular

Now in its ninth year, Sculpture by the Sea Bondi is Australia’s
largest annual outdoor free to the public exhibition of contemporary
sculpture. Staged along Sydney’s spectacular Bondi to Tamarama coastal
walk, the exhibition attracts over 400,000 visitors and exhibits over
100 works by artists from Australia and overseas.

As the leader of digital imaging in Australia, Kodak is delighted to
have signed on as Major Sponsor of Sculpture by the Sea to enhance the
free to the public exhibition by offering a range of interactive
digital photo activities. Kodak encourages visitors to experience its
new digital technologies including the Kodak EasyShare-one – the
world’s fist wireless digital camera at this extraordinarily photogenic
art exhibition.

“We received such a wonderful response from visitors about the free
photo sharing activities we provided in 2004 and we believe Kodak will
help an even larger number of visitors connect with the exhibition this
year. Through the sponsorship, Kodak is enabling consumers who capture
digital images to experience the thrill of printing and sharing their
own pictures instantly in Mark’s Park,” said Steve Morley, General
Manager, Digital & Film Imaging Systems, Australia and New Zealand.

Kodak is providing a number of benefits for the duration of Sculpture by the Sea, including:

Free* digital photos for all visitors at the Kodak Marquee in Marks
Park allowing them to print digital photos instantly from their digital
camera’s memory card using the Kodak Picture Maker kiosks

Kodak EasyShare-one Demonstrations at the Kodak Marquee on weekends
will offer visitors a chance to experience instant sharing on the
world’s first consumer wireless camera, the Kodak EasyShare One –
allowing consumers to email pictures wirelessly right from the camera
near a Telstra Wireless Hotspot

Kodak Digital Photography Competition is open to all visitors wishing
to submit their favourite digital memory of the exhibition – supporting
the acceptance of digital photography for all consumers. The Kodak
Gallery Album on the Sculpture by the Sea website will display the Top
5 daily finalists of the competition and the grand winner will receive
$2,000, a Kodak EasyShare-one (the world’s first wireless digital
camera), plus the winning image will appear in the Sydney Morning Herald

The Primary School Education Program will benefit from the use of
Kodak’s latest digital cameras encouraging an understanding of the
possibilities with digital technology in early school years. Each child
attending a workshop will be able to take home their own magnetised
merit card featuring a photo of their sculpture to display on the
family fridge

Education Packs, including a complimentary Kodak one-time-use camera, will be given to each primary school group

The Kodak Sculpture Prize awards a $5,000 to a Sculpture by the Sea
sculptor. Kodak offers this award to support emerging artists in the
development of their career and profile in Australia.

Mr Morley added that Sculpture by the Sea is a complimentary partner
for Kodak as the event is one that inspires photography. Many visitors
to the exhibition equip themselves with a camera to capture and share
the beauty of Sculpture by the Sea with pictures. Kodak’s second year
sponsorship of the event has benefited the artists and the community as
well as creating a true brand synergy.

What            Sculpture by the Sea

When            3 – 20 November 2005

Where           Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk, Sydney. Free Admission.

*up to three free prints per visitor

About Eastman Kodak Company and infoimaging

Kodak is the leader in helping people take, share, print and view
images – for memories, for information, for entertainment.  The
company is a major participant in infoimaging, a $385 billion industry
composed of devices (digital cameras and flat-panel displays),
infrastructure (online networks and delivery systems for images) and
services & media (software, film and paper enabling people to
access, analyse and print images).  With sales of $12.9 billion in
2003, the company comprises several businesses: Health, supplying the
healthcare industry with traditional and digital image capture and
output products and services; Graphic Communications Group, offering
on-demand colour printing and networking publishing systems consisting
of three wholly owned subsidiaries:  Encad, Inc., NexPress
Solutions, and Kodak Versamark; Commercial Imaging, offering image
capture, output and storage products and services to businesses and
government; Display & Components, which designs and manufactures
state-of-the-art organic light-emitting diode displays as well as other
specialty materials, and delivers imaging sensors to original equipment
manufacturers; and Digital & Film Imaging Systems, providing
consumers, professionals and cinematographers with digital and
traditional products and services.

RMIT Student Exhibition, Melbourne Australia

‘MIDDLE CHILD’ by RMIT 2nd year Communication Design students
Fresh Gallery Art Space is proud to present


‘MIDDLE CHILD’ by RMIT 2nd year Communication Design students



Opening Night: 6pm – 8.30pm Wednesday 2ND NOVEMBER 2005


This year RMIT 2nd year Communication Design students are holding this

Exhibition called Middle Child, with pieces on display under our own

brief, “I wish I could be what I was when I wanted to be what I am

now….” From the graduating year of 2003 and earlier, we were chosen

from approximately 1000 applicants to enter the world of communication

design. As a celebration of finishing our second year in this course we

have all had fun, and expressed our vast range of skills, which will be

on display to inspire everyone.



Show runs: 1ST November – 5th November 2005


Gallery Hours: Tues – Fri: 11am till 6pm Sat: 12noon till 5pm

Admission: Free



fresh gallery art space

tel/fax: 03 9486 9583

mob: 0416 333 119

63 Brunswick Street Fitzroy Vic. 3065



MIDDLE CHILD is at Fresh Gallery, 63 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy from the 1st to 5th of November.  

Enquiries: Gallery 9486 9583




FRESH GALLERY: (03) 9486 9583