Take Notes Digitally

Mobile NoteTaker is a neat device for capturing handwriting and hand drawn illustrations. Mobile NoteTaker is a portable handwriting capture device based onnatural handwriting as an input. Attach plain paper of any kind and usethe Pegasus electronic pen to capture, store and share handwrittendrawings, sketches, notes, and memos at meetings, lectures, andconferences. Note that while […]

Images for a Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Images is a right’s preserved photo stock library. Stock agencies, as opposed to royalty free CD companies, sellindividual images. The price often depends on end use. Most provideboth on-line image search facilities and the ability to phone someone,describe the sort of shot you are after and have them do the searchingfor you. Lonely […]

Viewfinder Australia Photo Library

Viewfinder Australia offer Australian images in CD collections. Viewfinder Australia is a dinky-die Aussie group of photographers up inQueensland. They currently have about eight CD collections available.Each has 104 images, both as high resolution JPEG and medium resolutionCMYK TIFF. Viewfinder’s images are large – 30MB+ in RGB and are pricedat a level significantly lower than […]