APC Power Protection

Uninterruptable power supplies are essential for anyone doing essential work on their computers. In far northern Queensland, in Australia, power problems are a regularpart of life. The region’s tropical weather patterns, including heavyrainfalls, lightening strikes and cyclonic winds wreak havoc onoverhead power lines, causing numerous blackouts and surges. That’s whyCairns-based freelance photographer, John Bujack, relies […]

Introduction to 3D Modelling and Rendering, Part 2 â

An introduction to 3D for those new to it. 3D software offers many options in how we represent, and thus create,the objects that go into our scenes.  In this part of the coursewe examine basic object representations. What Sorts of Objects In most real scenes, the objects that we might want toincorporate will be complex.  […]

Simple Lighting Equipment for Digital Photography – Tungsten Lighting

Good photography is often about good lighting and in all the noise about studio flash and advanced lighting the old favourite, tungsten, often gets forgotten. With all the hype about studio flash and the built-in flashcapabilities of modern digital cameras there is little attention paidto an old yet faithful technology, tungsten. Yet tungsten has much […]

Introduction to 3D Modelling and Rendering, Part 1 â

An introduction to 3D for those new to it. What is 3D? For those of us used to working in Photoshop and Illustrator it isimportant to realise that all that work is 2D, or two-dimensional.Photographs of real objects or painting them from scratch in Painter,they are still 2D. This is because we are either working […]