Take Notes Digitally

Mobile NoteTaker is a neat device for capturing handwriting and hand drawn illustrations.
Mobile NoteTaker is a portable handwriting capture device based on
natural handwriting as an input. Attach plain paper of any kind and use
the Pegasus electronic pen to capture, store and share handwritten
drawings, sketches, notes, and memos at meetings, lectures, and
conferences. Note that while it does not do hardwriting recognition

Mobile NoteTaker has a built-in LCD to confirm input. The on-board flash memory can store between 50 to 100 pages (size A4).

The following are some of the things you can do with this device:

*    Send sketches, handwritten mails in any language writing directly into OUTLOOK.

*    Insert sketches, signatures, equations, notes into any MSOFFICE document.

*    Fill in forms, personal greeting cards and notes mail or save in dedicated files.

*    Save or distribute (Via LAN) your handwritten meeting notes.

*    Create Handwritten personal instant message using ICQ.

*    Add keywords and alarms to notes

*    Categorise and name notes

*    On screen Sticky Notes!

*    Edit any saved or new note including adding and changing line colours.

*    Pen uses a regular ink refill to write on regular paper up to A4 size.

*    Connect to Microsoft OneNOTE

*    All NotesTAKERS come STANDARD with comes with MyScript Notes!!.

When you have it connected to your PC (Windows only) you can also have
Microsoft Office XP perform handwriting recognition and turn your
writing into text.

NoteTaker sells for $370 Australian or US$189. Getting the handwriting
recognition to work took me quite a bit of time. However, all the other
functions were up and working in minutes of opening the box. It works
very well. It has great potential for all sorts of users, from
capturing design ideas when out at a client office to the electronic
filling in of forms. The resolution is 100dpi. This makes it a bit low
for many purposes, plus it is only on or off sensing, not pressure
sensitive. However, even with all that I think this is a device with
some real potential. Given that people really need to try the device
because of its novelty, I suspect the device is a little over priced.
Still it does what it claims to do and does that extremely well, so it
is definitely worth a look.



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