In the last two years, through the sale of donated artwork at the annual Basefield exhibition, they’ve raised over $15,000 for local children’s charities here in Melbourne.
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In the last two years, through the sale of donated artwork at the
annual Basefield exhibition, we’ve raised over $15,000 for local
children’s charities here in Melbourne. It is an amazing achievement
and a great thing that a group of individuals have created through
networking and community building!

Artists from Europe, North and South America and Australia have been
involved in past Basefield Projects.  Possible only in the cyber
age, Jade has fostered relationships online, selecting artists whose
works inspires and who share his passion to make a difference within
the community.  The work is often edgy, always original and has
its roots in the art of the streets.

Some of the amazing indviduals who have donated their work from the
last two shows have included: Evan Hecox, Paul Clark, Steven
Harrington, Lee Misenhiemer, Dmote, Delta, Tofer, Rinzen, Fafi, Derrick
Hodgson, Kev Grey, Niko Stumpo, Mike Giant, Geoff McFetridge, Tim
Biedron, Merda, Cody Hudson, Mr Jago, Dalek, Ben Frost, Richard Colman,
Travis Millard, Michael Leon, Sam Flores & Misery.

We are not stopping there, and the 2005 Basefield Exhibition is based
on the legendary Aesop’s Fables and will showcase over 80 artists from
around the globe. The exhibition will be known as The Commons, with
each artist receiving a small collection of Fables to explore in any
medium they choose.

This will be the third year that the Chapel have supported the
Basefield Exhibitions and this show is kind of special as it will be
the last time we will be exhibiting at the Chapel! Something exciting
is hopefully just around the corner, so add the date to your dairies,
planners, etc and we hope to see you at what we promise to be a thumper
of an exhibition, with more than one surprise!!!

This years artists include: Merda, Lee Misenheimer, Paul Clark,
Chistofer Chin, Richard Colman, Neasden Control Centre, Andrew Pommier,
Derrick Hodgson, Kev Grey, Mr Jago, Jeremy Fish, Andy Sargent, Robert
Mars, Tiffany Monk, Cody Hudson, Kyle Ranson, Travis Millard, Regular
Product, Andy Jenkins, Stormie Mills, Tobin Yelland, Nathan Jurevicius,
Chad Buckingham, Robert Hardgrave, Jon Burgerman, Ben Frost, Anthony
Skirvin, Kelly Tunstall, Luke Canning, Niko Stumpo, Josh Petherick,
Etsu Meusy, Vicki Wong, Karen Ingram, Dalek, Rick Froberg, Esao
Andrews, Dmote, Mike Giant, Steve More, & Remi Rough, Michael
Sieben, & Todd St. John, to name a few.

The Commons  will open – an occasion in itself – at the Chapel
Galleries on 27 July from 6.30pm and will remain on exhibition until 15
August. Chapel Galleries are located at 12 Little Chapel Street,
Prahran. The Galleries are open 12pm – 7pm weekdays and 10am – 5pm

For further information about The Basefield Project visit

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