The Teamworking Pocketbook

A pocket sized guide to teambuilding and making teams work right.
Teamworking Pocketbook

The Teamworking Pocketbook
By Ian Fleming
Management Pocket Books, 1999
ISBN: 190377621X

This little 94-page book manages to pack a huge amount of sensible advice into a tiny package. It is organized as single pages on a single topic, with related topics gathered together into chapters. The chapters are:
*    What is a team?
*    Challenges facing teams
*    How to build a team
*    Leading the team
*    Potential team problems
*    Successful teams
*    Reading list
Cute illustrations also fill the book and add to the message.

Because of its size, this is a book that stands a good chance of being read. Plus because of its arrangement you can dive into individual pages or read it through in one sitting, whatever suits.

If you have to either work in or, more particularly, lead or encourage teams in your organization, this is a really good, easy to read and cheap source of great information.

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