Wolfgang Tillmans

Artist profile book of this interesting, contemporary artist who works in photography and video.
Wolfgang Tillmans
By Jan Verwoert, Peter Halley and Midori Matsui
Phaidon Press, 2002
ISBN: 0 7148 4192 7

Wolfgang Tillmans

Wolfgang Tillmans is an artist who works in photographic and video forms. Much of his work is quite confrontational.

This book includes an interview with Tillman, essays by the three authors and selected writings by Tillmans. It is richly illustrated not only with his work but also many images of his work on gallery walls, which offers an interesting view of how this work is presented.

Tillmans’ work covers a wide cross-section of subject matter, from stark and confrontational images of young people to strange and beautiful abstracts, plus video. This diversity of subject matter and the great essays make this book stimulating material for people with a wide range of art and photography interests. A great book.

Wolfgang Tillmans

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