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NVIDIA Quadro® Plex VCS Server Combines Four Quadro GPUs in a Standard 1U Server Configuration for Remote Graphics and Offline Rendering Applications Press Release NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) continues to smash through visual computing performance barriers with the introduction of NVIDIA Quadro® Plex Visual Computing System (VCS) Model S4, a graphics server featuring a record number […]

Apple Unveils New iMac

All New Line Features Sleek Aluminium 20- and 24-inch Designs Press ReleaseNote all prices are those for Australia Apple today unveiled an all new all-in-one iMac line featuring gorgeous 20- and 24-inch widescreen displays encased in elegant and professional aluminium and glass enclosures. The entire new iMac line features the latest Intel Core 2 Duo […]

Lexar Launches ExpressCardâ

Super-compact solution sets new standard for high-performance, low-cost PC expansion and data backup Press ReleaseLexar Media, Inc., a world leader in advanced digital media technologies, today announced the introduction of its new ExpressCard(TM) SSD with auto-backup software.   Roughly half the size of current PC Card solutions, the Lexar ExpressCard SSD is a high-capacity removable solid […]

Switching to the Mac â

For the increasing numbers of Windows users who are switching over to the Mac, there lies a different way of working. They need help with that transition and this book provides it. Switching to the Mac – Tiger EditionThe Missing ManualBy David Pogue & Adam GoldsteinO’Reilly Media, 2005ISBN: 0-596-00660-8 With so many people making the […]

Sony eBook Reader on Sale in the US, and a Strong Partnership to Assist the Visually Impaired

New eBook Reader Features Ground-breaking Technology and Access to More Than 10,000 Titles Press Release The wish of avid readers and technology buffs is coming true today with the debut of the highly-anticipated Sony® Reader Portable Reader System. Available today direct at for those who can’t wait, the Reader will also be on retail […]

Failing Computer Memory? Hereâ

One of the classic signs of aging in adults is memory loss. In the world of computers, the same may hold true. Luckily, the diagnosis is simpler and the cure is quite readily available. Replace your computer’s memory Press Release One of the classic signs of aging in adults is memory loss. In the world […]

Brand Your Business Wherever and Whenever You Use Your Notebook

Company creates a new marketing tool and anti-theft deterrent Laptop Design USA is an American company that offers the service ofcustom painting your laptop or notebook computers to present a uniqueand strong corporate brand. Laptop Design has developed a high qualityprocess to apply a durable, automotive-quality finish to the exteriortop surface, without touching the computer’s […]

Latest Jakob Nielsen Alertbox Looks at User Interface Developments

A change is coming in user interface design. In Jakob Nielsen’s latest alertbox he discusses the end of the WYSIWYGusere interface design and the development of a new one. He argues thatthe upcoming Microsoft Office 12 demonstrates this new mode of workingand does so effectively. It is an interesting article and well worth reading. Go […]

Sony VPLCX20 Data Projector

Weighing in at just 1.9kg, the VPL-CX20 is among the most compact 2000 ANSI LCD projectors in the market. Encased in a sleek, durable aluminum exterior, its stylish curves create a professional look for corporate meetings and presentations. Sony’s new VPLCX20 data projector is an impressive, little unit. Theauto setup capability ensures quick and easy […]

New Monitor Interface Standard is on the Way, With Optional Content Protection

New DisplayPort Standard for PCs, Monitors, TV Displays and Projectors Moves from Promoter Group to Video Electronics Standards Association Press Release The newly-developed DisplayPort(TM) interface proposal, which has beendesigned to simplify display interfaces in computer and consumerelectronics systems, has been turned over to the Video ElectronicsStandards Association (VESA) for finalization and approval as astandard. In […]

Data Recovery: Think Your Data Disaster Is Unrecoverable? Think Again

Who enjoys untangling inaccessible, unreadable, crashed, cracked, corrupt, erased, missing, sabotaged, warped, bent, deleted and virus-damaged documents, drawings, tapes, files, pictures and videos? Press Release “We do,” says Susan Coon, founding owner and president of http://www.discinc.comDisc, Inc., a conversion and data recovery services firm that hassolved thousands of data dilemmas since it first opened for […]

Milestone for Dashboard

Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets Top One Thousand Press Release Apple® today announced that Dashboard, a widely acclaimed feature inits Mac OS® version 10.4 “Tiger” operating system, now has over 1,000widgets available at,with dozens more being added every day and many more available fromother web sites.  Widgets provide Mac users with dazzling new waysto […]

Covering Both Formats

Verbatim Announces Development Plans for both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD Media Press Release Verbatim Corporation, world-leading optical media developers andmarketers, have announced plans to support the development of bothBlu-ray and High-Definition DVD (HD-DVD) recordable and rewritablemedia. Both formats are expected to begin shipping in early 2006, whenhigh- definition drives and recorders are expected to be released.  […]

New Laptop Bag for Women

A stylish new bag from STM holds a lot and your notebook computer too. If you choose your clothes and accessories carefully, there is no needto ruin your image by carrying your laptop in any old bag. Accessorise with intention, STMs newest and most stylish laptop bag, especially designed for women. Intention projects sophistication, glamour […]

Epson EMP-S3 data projector

The Epson EMP-S3 multimedia projector: smooth 3LCD viewing at a ground breaking price Smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the EMP-S3 is a portablemultimedia projector and continues Epson’s pricing strategy set withthe release of the EMP-S1 in 2003. Epson’s patented 3LCD technologyproduces brighter and more natural images, a smoother and sharperplayback and as there is […]

Tecra M4 â

Whilst aimed at business professionals, the new Toshiba tablet is an impressive creative machine with the right software. Toshiba has launched the Tecra M4 for business professionals lookingfor a ‘no compromise’ high-performance tablet PC that, through itspen-based computing, offers them a way to be more productive. Itincludes Intel’s newest mobile technology – a 2.13 Ghz […]


Is this the last of the G5 PowereMac machines before the switch to Intel? Apple’s current top of the line PowerMac is a nice machine, featuringdual 64-bit PowerPC G5 processors running at 2.7 GHz and including MacOS® X version 10.4  “Tiger”. The new Power Mac G5 line delivershigher performance graphics options with more memory and […]

Forrester Evaluates Global WAN Services

Equant, BT/BT Infonet, And AT&T Score High Press Release   According to Forrester Research, Inc. (NASDAQ: FORR), themultiregional  wide-area network (WAN) services market will growbetween 4.5 and 6.5 percent CAGR over the next five years as largemultinational corporations replace their aging legacy internationaldata WANs to improve communication application performance betweensites. Companies face a difficult time […]

Take Notes Digitally

Mobile NoteTaker is a neat device for capturing handwriting and hand drawn illustrations. Mobile NoteTaker is a portable handwriting capture device based onnatural handwriting as an input. Attach plain paper of any kind and usethe Pegasus electronic pen to capture, store and share handwrittendrawings, sketches, notes, and memos at meetings, lectures, andconferences. Note that while […]

APC Power Protection

Uninterruptable power supplies are essential for anyone doing essential work on their computers. In far northern Queensland, in Australia, power problems are a regularpart of life. The region’s tropical weather patterns, including heavyrainfalls, lightening strikes and cyclonic winds wreak havoc onoverhead power lines, causing numerous blackouts and surges. That’s whyCairns-based freelance photographer, John Bujack, relies […]

Image Making is a Health Hazard

Image making, whether digital or analog, can be a health hazard. Take some steps to protect yourself. “I note the passing recently of Yousuf Karsh in a Boston hospital,which only goes to reinforce a theory I have held for some years now,that  photography is injurious to your health….. nay not onlyinjurious, but in fact it […]