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Seek Out Peers

While there is great value in the idea of the artist or photographer working away in blissful isolation, there is also a lot of value in learning from others. One school of thought is that if you work in isolation that you will be free to create your own, completely personal and original voice as […]

Shoot Extras and With Variety

They say variety is the spice of life and when it comes to photography, this is certainly true. With film there is a financial advantage (superficially) to being frugal in our shooting. Film and processing costs money we may not want to spend. But with digital photography there are no such financial benefits from being […]

Chance for Fine Art Photographers

Silvershotz is publishing a book of portfolios of photography. While there is a fee attached to this, given the quality of Silvershotz magazine and the likely exposure, it seems a reasonable and worthwhile opportunity. Silvershotz is publishing a 210 page soft cover book to be released in October 2008. Building on the reputation and integrity […]

Plan, Then Shoot

Shooting spontaneously is great, and can produce stunning shots. But with most of us time limited, a bit of preparation ahead of time can maximize your chances. Many people have the impression that photography needs to be spontaneous to be creative. This is true for some people and for some of the time. But like […]

Use What You Have

In a consumer society it often becomes a programmed response that we need a new camera, lens or the latest software to life our work. But have we really obtained all we can from what we have? It is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we can just do something when […]

Revisiting is Good

Just as revisiting your previous work to see if it can be improved is good, so is revisiting favorite subject matter or places. With the wealth of subject matter and locations that most of us have access to, there is a huge urge to not revisit something or someplace we have already worked but to […]

Shoot Different

Avoiding stagnation in your creativity is an ongoing task. It is very easy to settle into a rut. This is a normal but regrettable state of affairs. It is regrettable because it is so easy to do and so many ideas in our culture teach us that stability is good. Stability, perhaps yes, but stagnation […]

Print More

It is hard to judge our images completely when we only examine them on screen. Especially since the arrival of digital, many of us do not print images as much as we used to. Images look different in print than they do on the screen. You can gain a different perspective. The key to the […]

Analyze More

There is no point shooting a lot if you never analyze what you have done. The process that should go hand-in-hand with shooting more is analyzing more. Analyze more means to bring more conscious consideration to all the images you look at, both yours and other people’s, and to setting aside the time to actually […]

Shoot or Create More

Ideas of natural talent are being overturned by a focus on practice. Practice makes perfect. Like many skills, photography requires practice, practice and more practice. Recent research is presenting a convincing case that our old ideas about some people possessing natural talent and genius are wrong. Sure, people may have a natural predisposition in certain […]

Test Your Gear

Other people’s reviews can assist you when making a purchase decision. But once you have your gear, you need to do your own testing. Reading the manuals is only the first step of getting the most from your camera gear, you have to become familiar with how it actual works in practice. This means playing […]

Shoot Dirty

Clean images are not always what we want. So let’s dirty up your photography. If you think back to analogue photography, we often made use of very grainy film, soft focus, blur or rough forms of printing to create a particular look. There is no reason not to do the same with digital.  There are […]

Watch the Eye Line

Where people are looking in your images offers you another level of control. We are very sensitive to where people are looking. Consider how disturbing it is when you are talking to someone and they look away from you. We are very keyed into people’s eyes and we can use this in our photography. One […]

Learn to Break the Rules

ImageMaker photography tip number 6 Photography, along with other art forms, has so-called rules: rules of composition, color theory, and so on. Rather than being called rules, they really should be called principles. Part of our growth as an artist is to know these principles. Study of composition: ideas of rhythm, mass, line, form, contrast, […]

Use a Tripod More

ImageMaker photography tip number 3 Most of us do not use a tripod anywhere near as often as we should. But this oversight is easy to correct. Tripods have other benefits than just supporting the camera in very low light. They can help to make images sharper even at hand holdable shutter speeds, take some […]

Create for Yourself

ImageMaker photography tip number 2 You cannot create photography (or any other form of art) for a fictional, ideal customer or buyer. You can only create for yourself. Now obviously if you are shooting commercial photography for a client you must please the client. That is a different situation and shooting to please the client […]

Strong Emotion Is Powerful

ImageMaker photography tip number 1 Shoot what you love and what you hate. Anything you are ambivalent about, leave. Emotions are powerful and two of the strongest are love and hate. When you are passionate about something your emotions will be strong. The strong emotion you have (either way, love or hate) will eventually lead […]


This exhibition promises an inspiring discourse about “WORK IN MOTION – migration, mobility and labour” before the background of a constantly changing economical landscape that is in a global flow. Press ReleaseCall for Submission: Dear Artist, 1. Etta Gerdes and Per Pegelow from the interactive arts media network are organising in the moment the media […]

Artistry Retreats Celebrate 4th Anniversary with Move to Paradise

Karen Sperling, the original Corel Painter expert, is pleased to announce that the new home for her Artistry Retreats and The Artistry GARTEL Marketing Seminars is Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Press Release Contact InformationKaren Sperling 981 Starting with the upcoming Artistry Retreat and The Artistry GARTEL Marketing Seminars September 24-28, 2007, the Artistry […]


Exhibition call for artists using digital prints Digital’07: Pattern-Finding CALL FOR ENTRIES 9th Annual International Exhibition of Digital Prints to be held at the New York Hall of Science October 6, 2007 – January 27, 2008 Organized by Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) “Pattern-finding is the purpose of the mind and the construct of […]

The Landscape Within and Without: Similarities between landscape photography and fractals

Using his extensive experience with both landscape photography and fractal image creation, Wayne examines the parallels and draws some interesting conclusions. For over 35 years I have taken landscape photographs. For over 20 years I have explored fractal landscapes. Whilst on the surface they appear to be so totally different, I do not believe this […]

New Website for Artists, Galleries and Collectors is a new website for the US fine art market. Press Release Announcing the official launch of! is a FREE interactive website created specifically for the fine art industry.  The site is designed to bring together artists, art galleries, and fine-art collectors by providing powerful online tools to all three groups! For […]

Seven Women Artists present â

An exhibition of fine art to be held in Gallery 21, Spanish Village located at Balboa Park from November 16, through November 29, 2006. The show celebrates the creative accomplishments of these seven award-winning female artists. Gallery 21-Spanish VillageBalboa Park1770 Village PlaceSan Diego, CA 92101“There Ain’t Nothing Like a Dame” Seven Women Artists present “There Ain’t […]