2010 Considered

2010 was a mixed back year for me.

Personally there were a lot of distractions associated with caring for my mother-in-law who sadly died on New Year’s Eve at 11:05pm. Her cancer caused much pain and other issues that often made life difficult for everyone in the house, and since I work from home it also affected my business life. But there were also great times and great laughter in caring for her and she was a wonderful woman who I loved dearly.

Creatively, 2010 was a good year. I started my new series Time & Space and really feel like these images form a good, strong direction for me moving forward into 2011. I picked up a couple of minor awards, which was nice.

I also published two books, an iPhone app and an iPad app in 2010, which is not too shabby.

So now let’s look forward to 2011. I have more books coming out in print, eBook and app form. DIMi is coming out as a print and iPad magazine. I have the direction to take the Time & Space image series in and am highly excited by the possibilities. And I have several other publishing efforts underway, including an iPhone app in the music area, as well as considering several others in partnership with other people.

Personally 2011 is looking exciting too. Our daughter starts high school and there will be a house move sometime in the year.


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