A New Direction For DIMi

It’s been a year since the last post. In that time a lot has changed. We’ve sold the house where we lived for the last 15+ years and moved to a nicer suburb into a lovely house. My new series of books on spirituality are about to come out under a pseudonym. Our daughter has finished high school and started film school. So, a time of new beginnings.

The reason DIMi had gone through an extended pause, and then a false start, was, basically that I was bored with it. DIMi had become predictable, I’d trapped myself into publishing a lot of press releases and other things that did not excite me. I’d become bored with photography. None of it was satisfying me. Hence the most recent pause, to reconsider and reevaluate.

So I’m restarting DIMi in a new direction. From now on no press releases. Nothing that bores me. Instead, DIMi¬†will take a critical and highly personal look at the topics that fascinate me creatively. So we will still cover photography and film, but we’ll also cover other topics that I am creatively working on, like art and design. We will also be taking a highly critical look at the state of the arts and creative disciplines, and the sorry state of creative education, and of education in general. Oh, and being a polymath, we might just discuss some other topics too.

So join us for an interesting ride.

Dr. Wayne J. Cosshall

DIMi is Back

DIMi has been very quiet over recent years as I’ve been concentrating on other things, specifically my PhD. That’s now complete and behind me. The website where you can see all the work created for it is waynecosshall.com.

This is a version of the final video piece that shows all three video channels on the one video

Tree of Everywhere Combination of Channels v2 from Dr. Wayne J. Cosshall on Vimeo.

So what’s coming for DIMi next?

Well a new podcast is in the works, as well as a series of photography books and much more, so stay tuned.

DIMi Magazine Gets a Writeup

Eileen Fritsch has posted a nice article about the production of Digital ImageMaker international as a magazine over on the Great Output blog.

Great Output is an excellent blog on printing and related topics to do with imaging and art. Definitely worth a read.


Photography Wisdom Now Available As Five eBooks, a Print Book and an App for iPad

My Photography Wisdom book, containing 50 great chapters on improving your photography and digital art through a better understanding of the process, is now available in multiple forms.

Photography Wisdom itself is available as:

  • A print book from Amazon
  • An ebook for Kindle from Amazon
  • An ebook for Kindle and all other ebook readers, plus computer based reading programs from Smashwords
  • An ebook from Apple
  • An App for Ipad from the Apple App Store containing videos and soon to be updated to version 1.2


I’ve also published four smaller collections of ten chapters each selected from the full Photography Wisdom book on specific topic areas:


My author page on Amazon is here

In 2012 more books in the Photography Wisdom series will be coming out.

DIMi Is Now A Magazine

Yes, it is here. digital imageMaker international is now out as a magazine featuring profiles and interviews with leading photographers and digital artists of our time.

digital imageMaker international 01 brings you some of the world’s best photography and digital art in book form. This volume in an ongoing series brings you portrait photography by Nadia Salameh, art by Bonny Lhotka and David J. Bookbinder, insect photography by Jane Davenport, generative art by Don Relyea and a profile of the Digital Art Guild. Stunning images will stimulate and delight you while insightful interviews will educate and inform.

DIMi is available in three forms at the moment: print, PDF and eBook.

Print and PDF distribution is being handled by MagCloud

It is available for the Kindle from Amazon

It is available in all eBook formats from Smashwords

It is in the Apple ebook store

digital imageMaker international

By Wayne Cosshall in digital imageMaker international

60 pages, published 12 DEC 2011

DIMi brings you profiles of leading photographers and digital artists from around the world, with insightful interviews. Discover how the top photographers and artists work, their thought processes, favourite techniques and much more.

2010 Considered

2010 was a mixed back year for me.

Personally there were a lot of distractions associated with caring for my mother-in-law who sadly died on New Year’s Eve at 11:05pm. Her cancer caused much pain and other issues that often made life difficult for everyone in the house, and since I work from home it also affected my business life. But there were also great times and great laughter in caring for her and she was a wonderful woman who I loved dearly.

Creatively, 2010 was a good year. I started my new series Time & Space and really feel like these images form a good, strong direction for me moving forward into 2011. I picked up a couple of minor awards, which was nice.

I also published two books, an iPhone app and an iPad app in 2010, which is not too shabby.

So now let’s look forward to 2011. I have more books coming out in print, eBook and app form. DIMi is coming out as a print and iPad magazine. I have the direction to take the Time & Space image series in and am highly excited by the possibilities. And I have several other publishing efforts underway, including an iPhone app in the music area, as well as considering several others in partnership with other people.

Personally 2011 is looking exciting too. Our daughter starts high school and there will be a house move sometime in the year.


Clarifying Magazine and App Rights Requested

Hi All,

In response to some misunderstandings on a discussion group let me explain the rights we require over content submitted for the new magazine and app versions of DIMi:

The concerns come from this paragraph: DIMi wants no rights over your submission beyond a perpetual and non-exclusive right to publish your work in any form, electronic or print, indefinitely, but only in the form of the DIMi magazine or any special issues or accumulations (such as a Best of DIMi) or in the advertising of such. Your work will always be published with your name and, wherever possible, a link to a site where people can see more of your work and contact you, except in the case of illustrations showing the magazine in advertising or on the app store.

Those rights requested are THE SAME as any photography magazine requires because you have to have the right to publish the image in the magazine and you have to have the right to advertise the magazine and that might mean showing someones images in the ad.

No, we will not sell the images to others, we can’t, we did not ask for those rights and nor would we want them anyway.

No, we will not use those images in advertising anything else except the magazine itself, we can’t, we did not ask for those rights and nor would we want them.

Digital ImageMaker International is Coming Out as a Magazine and App for iPad

Call for Submissions

Digital ImageMaker International is coming out as both a print magazine and as an app for iPad.

DIMi looks at all areas of image making that involve some aspect of the digital. We are aiming to create ways for people to get recognition for their work, to help them get gallery shows and to ultimately help them obtain sales if that is important. The content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Digital art
  • Photography, whether commercial, documentary, art or personal, that involves digital in some part of the process, whether capture, processing or output
  • Traditional photographic processes that include either digital image capture or a digital negative in their production
  • Fractals
  • 3D graphics
  • Video
  • Animation

As such, we are seeking submissions of the following:

  • Portfolios of high quality work
  • Strong single pieces from emerging practitioners
  • Articles: how-to, philosophy of imaging, inspirational, exhibition reviews of major shows and such

For photography and digital art educators we are keen to publish portfolios of collected student works.

For an example of how the app form will function you can look at our first book as an app, Photography Wisdom for iPad at http://itunes.com/apps/PhotographyWisdom

More to control submissions, we are placing a submission fee on portfolios and individual images. Portfolios attract a submission fee of US$7.50 while individual images attract a submission fee of $4.50 paid through PayPal only. For submissions from within Australia this price includes 10% GST. This is non-refundable, does not guarantee you publication and your submissions will only be examined after payment through Paypal has been received. In the case of tertiary educators submitting portfolios of student work we will forego the submission fee so long as you are from a recognised tertiary educational institution and clearly identify it as such on your submission.

The Paypal account for TechnoMagickal Pty Ltd is wayne at (@) dimagemaker.com

Article submissions are not paid at this stage, though we intend to start paying for articles from issue 2 onwards if possible. Basically it goes against the grain not to pay, so we will as soon as we can.

DIMi is not a how-to magazine. Its focus is more on what people are doing and why. That said, we will include quality how-to features that make sense in the context of the other content.

The aim is to make the most use of the potential the digital tools are giving us. The print edition is being done as print-on-demand.

We are looking to publish only the highest quality work. Because of potential issues with the app store approval process we cannot accept pornographic or explicit sexual material or any material that can be construed as inciting hatred, discrimination, etc. We may have to be careful with nudity as well but will explore this as we go. Naturally we reserve the final right to decide what work we accept and publish. We are hoping we can relax some or all of these restrictions over time as everyone figures out how to deal with these issues and art in electronic distribution.

We are also happy to publish articles that we disagree with or work that we find challenging. That’s the nature of the art and writing world and it is pretty pointless taking your bat and ball and running off home to mummy when people disagree with you. Such work might generate interesting debates that might help to clarify the issue over time for our readers, so it is great.

So what do we want from you? Well, if you have portfolios of interesting work then we want to see them. We need JPEGs of the images initially, sized to maximum dimension 1024 pixels (and I mean exactly that), along with a Word or similar document with something like an artist’s statement or statement of your philosophy or approach. If we choose to publish your submission we will contact you for higher resolution images (for the print version) as well as to conduct an interview to fill out the text. Please limit initial submissions to 8 -10 images initially. If we want to publish your work we will likely ask to see more.

Those submitting student’s work should pick a representative sample of the work you expect to be publishable. That means going through your students’ work and choosing that which you consider good enough to publish and submitting a selection that represents the whole range from the best to the worse you think is able to be published.

If you have an article you would like to submit we are happy to consider it. Again send JPEG screen resolution images with the article initially and we will go from there. An article is not an opportunity to slip in a portfolio by another name.

If you have single knock-out images rather than a whole portfolio, then we would be happy to examine them for possible publication in a section that will run each issue of inspirational material.

For those submitting video or animation material we obviously cannot work with Flash.  We would prefer a link to where we can view the video on the web somewhere initially, so we only have to handle large files when we know we will publish them. Video will go in the app but not, obviously, in the print edition. That will go online and a link provided.

With whatever you submit, your submission means that you are willing to have your work published by DIMi, that you own the copyright for the submission and have all relevant rights and permissions to do so, such as model and property releases, etc. Further your submission means that you indemnify Digital ImageMaker International, Technomagickal Pty Ltd and Sci-Art Trust, plus our assignees and partners, from any claims relating to copyright, rights and permissions relating to your submission.

DIMi wants no rights over your submission beyond a perpetual and non-exclusive right to publish your work in any form, electronic or print, indefinitely, but only in the form of the DIMi magazine or any special issues or accumulations (such as a Best of DIMi) or in the advertising of such. Your work will always be published with your name and, wherever possible, a link to a site where people can see more of your work and contact you, except in the case of illustrations showing the magazine in advertising or on the app store.

If you are submitting an article then the above all applies, as well as the requirement that the article has either not been published or submitted elsewhere, or if it has been published elsewhere that you retain the rights to further publication.

We are also happy to accept suggestions for ways we can better serve our readership.

The first issue will be published when we have enough suitable material. Following that we are aiming for a new issue every second month, but would like to ramp that up quickly to a more frequent schedule. We would rather do smaller issues more frequently as this will keep the print cost down and thus make it more feasible for featured artists and photographers to use multiple copies as promotional tools and when seeking things like gallery representation, exhibitions, grant proposals, etc.

People with work in the issue will be provided with a PDF the article covering them. Print and app versions will have to be bought.

Feedback is welcome.

Please email me offlist on wayne at (@) dimagemaker.com

Please put the word SUBMISSION in the Subject if that is what you are doing.

BTW if you email a submission and don’t hear anything for some time, don’t stress. If you haven’t heard within a month or two then an email from the same address you sent the submission from enquiring if we received it makes sense as you might have been caught by a spam filter or such. If you don’t get a reply from that, try an email from a different address.