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A Good Astronomy Article and A Good Website for Those Interested In Astronomy

Astronomy has apparently had a boost of interest during Covid as people have been constrained at home and are thus looking not only for new hobbies, or dusting off long forgotten ones, but also ways to keep kids engaged and learning when schools are closed. I’ve noticed this as the larger Australian astronomy shops are out of stock on many common starter telescopes.

Today Carlo Piscioneri, the founder of Night Sky Pix reached out to me about a new article on their site about the choice between JPEG and RAW for astrophotography. It is a good article and I recommend a look. The article is ‘ RAW Vs JPEG – Which Is Better For Astrophotography?‘. In fact I recommend having an explore through the content on the whole site.

This image is from the Night Sky Pix website’s article on starting astrophotography

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