Super Resolution Image Processing Extracts Amazing Details From a Blurred Single Image

I read a great article on Gizmag today on a new image processing technique developed by the Weizmann Institute of Science. It provides a way to extract amazing detail out of a single blurred image. Let’s hope it makes it into Photoshop soon. You can read the article over at Gizmag. Analyses Pricing On Adobe Monthly Membership Options breaks down Adobe Creative Cloud’s new pricing plan. Rafiq Elmansy discusses the pros and cons – is the Creative Cloud membership worth it? Or should consumers continue to pay one-time fees? Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 05, 2012 Members of the graphic design community may know about the rollout of Adobe Creative Cloud. With monthly […]

New Book from Cengage Learning Reveals How to Create Stunning Content for the Internet and the iPad Using Adobe InDesign CS6

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y., May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Delmar, part of Cengage Learning and a leading provider of learning solutions for ongoing career development and education, today announced a new title focusing on the just-released Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 (CS6) software – Adobe InDesign CS6 Interactive: Digital Publishing for the Internet and the iPad. As part of the Revealed series, […]

Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6 Extended Alioscopy-Ready For No-Glasses 3D

Alioscopy enables millions of Adobe Photoshop digital imaging artists to generate Alioscopy-ready “no-glasses” 3D content. With Alioscopy’s patented technology integrated into Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended, millions of artists in the global Photoshop community will benefit from a streamlined, all-inclusive workflow to generate “no-glasses” 3D content—one of today’s fastest growing trends in digital signage, trade show […]

Using an iPad to Work With Photoshop on Your Computer

Adobe has release a software development kit to aid developers in producing apps for the iPad that interact with Photoshop. The SDK is supposed to work with other tablets running Android and Blackberry OS’ but the first apps are for the iPad. To work this requires an update to Photoshop to 12.0.4 level, which is […]

Snow Leopard for Mac OS a Great Update for Photographers

I tend to be very conservative with software updates on my MacBook, as it is my main writing machine. But some software I wanted to run forced me to do the upgrade to the latest Mac OS X version. And a great update it is. Snow Leopard brings 64-bit computing to the Mac core applications […]

Infrared Panorama Photography From the Fitzroy Gardens

As the weather and my schedule have permitted, I have been out doing panorama photography with my IR converted Canon 350D and a slightly modified Gigapan Epic motorized panorama platform. A fairly calm and sunny day allowed me some time in the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne.

De-aging and Removing Skin Blemishes in PSE (Photoshop Elements) 6 and 7 By Using Blur Tutorial

Retouching photos to remove skin blemishes and wrinkles is a common task. For faces with only a few wrinkles the Rubber Stamp Cloning Tool works well. But for other images you need another approach. This technique uses the blur filter.

Adobe Creative Suite 4 ROI Study Shows Productivity as New “Killer Feature”

Tests Confirm CS4 Users Can Save Thousands of Dollars Through Productivity Gains in Everyday Tasks Adobe today announced benchmarking results from an independent research study conducted by Pfeiffer Consulting and commissioned by Adobe. According to the report, features in Adobe Creative Suite 4 software can dramatically increase productivity, efficiency and return on investment. Research shows […]