A Treatment For Aging iPhones and iPads

I currently use an iPad 1 and my daughter has my old iPhone 3Gs. Both suffer from SHBS – Sticky Home Button Syndrome. SHBS happens to older iThings and manifests as a slowness in responding to a press of the home button. Thankfully the fix is easy.

I’m indebted to Roberto Garza over on SnapGuide for the solution and here’s the link straight to his article.

For those who want the quick summary:

1. run one of the core apps, like Calendar, Weather, etc

2. press and hold the power button till the shutdown slider appears

3. immediately press and hold the home button until the app quits and you are back to the home screen

That’s it. I’ve tried it. It works. Back to a happy responsive iThingaMeJiggy.

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