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  1. Thankyou for the article on dyslexia that I read. I have dyslexia. I discovered it myself. I had an awful time in school. But I grew up in a small town where schools did not recognize those kinds of problems. They have just in recent years started testing children for learning disabilities. I always had trouble with math it gave me headaches and I figured out I was putting my numbers in the wrong places, in spelling I can not remember whether to use a,e, an I write p,b,d for eachother. I have been told that I pronounce words wrong. Like saying coal for cool. But to me it sounds proper. And wen I type i have to watch my fingers to make sure I am hitting the right keys.Otherwise I spell words that are in no dictionary. And I can’t spell the same word the same way in the same letter I am writing. I found out things from your article that I got in trouble for when I was a child that I now know were not my fault. When I read a book with small print I have to put something under the lines or I read 2-3 sentences at the same time and can’t understand why they sound weird. I figured that out on my own. And I have discovered that one advantage I have to being dyslexic is that I can read better when I turn the paper upside down. I was worried that something was wrong when some days I was worse than others till I read your article that says when a person is tired it is worse for them. I have noticed too that when I am having sinus pressure it is worse too. Thankyou.

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