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We try to make DIMi easy to use.

Digital ImageMaker, or DIMi for short, is a website about digital imaging in all its forms and glory. We specialize in digital photography but also cover digital art, business for imaging professionals, web strategies and much more. We run monthly competitions with prizes.

Content at DIMi is divided between pages and articles. Pages are more static introductions to a topic, while articles or posts cover specific topics, may form part of a whole series of articles and are listed from most recent to oldest. Articles or posts are described using categories and tags. Categories are used to indicate the topic area covered in an article, while tags are used to describe the type of article it is. So a new product review would have those as tags, while camera and photography might be the categories used. Articles or posts can have comments made about them. Please note that we manually approve all comments, so don’t bother spamming the comments. We have aggressive spam filtering on comments so we don’t even see the most obvious ones and happily delete and report as a spammer any others that are really a disquised way of getting a link back to a website.

When we review a product, such as a digital camera, other piece of photographic equipment or piece of software it comes from our experience using the item for an extended period of time. We don’t do reviews like some others do, just from handling it in the office, we go out and shoot with it, work with it over a minimum to two weeks and usually more like a couple of months. So we are usually not the first with a review, and we tend to spend a lot of time on the things we love, like infrared photography. But our main reviewer, Wayne J. Cosshall, has over 30 years experience with computer technology, computer engineering and especially computer imaging, combined with some 25 years of exhibiting his photography and digital art and teaching everything from digital electronics to abstract art. So the result is thought provoking, informed and, hopefully, intelligent :).

Below we identify any known areas that cause people problems on the site. Please see if these solve your problems. If they don’t or if the issue is not listed here please contact DIMi.

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