Apple iPhone a yawn

The new Apple/Motorola mobile/cell phone does not impress
The new Motorola ROKR cell phone with iTunes really fails to impress
me. It only handles 100 songs and also it is based on a fairly
uninspiring phone. All a bit of a yawn. My new cell phone, the Sony
Ericsson K750i plays music and takes a Sony Memory Stick of up to 1GB
(currently) and 4GB when available. This is a much more serious player,
just that it doesn’t play nicely with iTunes and I have to manually
drag files over to it. Ther eis also the issue of whether Apple fans
really want a Motorola phone design, or want that Apple flair.

So what does it mean? Well it does show Apple’s intention to milk the
iTunes/iPod for as much as it can and a willingness to go into new
product areas. So we can but hope that this is just a first, tiny step
in a longer journey that will bring us phones designed with that Apple

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