Podcast Solutions

The Complete Guide to Podcasting Podcast SolutionsThe Complete Guide to PodcastingBy Michael W Geoghehan and Dan KlassFriends of Ed, 2005ISBN: 1 59059 554 8 This is an amazing book. Yes, I have said that up front. It is a one-stop guide to podcasting, the phenomenon of webcasting of audio programs that has revolutionized radio, business, …

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Apple iPhone a yawn

The new Apple/Motorola mobile/cell phone does not impress The new Motorola ROKR cell phone with iTunes really fails to impressme. It only handles 100 songs and also it is based on a fairlyuninspiring phone. All a bit of a yawn. My new cell phone, the SonyEricsson K750i plays music and takes a Sony Memory Stick …

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Unsuitable for Podcasts

Many MP3 players lack certain features that make then useable for listening to podcasts, seminars and other long material The shift to MP3 players as replacements or additions to CD players,either portable or in cars and homes, offers many real advantages.However many of these devices are quite unsuitable when it comes tolistening to podcasts, seminar …

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