August 2006 Site Award – Innervisions by Steven N. Meyers

Site Innervision shows the fine art x-ray photography of Steven N. Meyers
As the first such site that I am giving awards to that use x-ray photographic techniques, perhaps I should explain what I find interesting about this area in general. The resulting images from x-ray photography, even if one will never have the opportunity to try it for oneself, are very inspirational. Usually featuring lovely tonality and a great sense of lightness, these images should inspire you to try something, anything, different, in your own work.

x-ray photography art

Steven N. Meyers’ web site, Innervisions, shows selected favorites from over 30 years of experimenting with floral photography using x-ray techniques. Organized currently into four galleries, the site is very easy to navigate. The only suggestion I would make, on this score, is that on the pages that show an individual image, if the navigation text was put above the image it would not move up and down as the height of the individual images vary. This would make it slightly easier on the viewer wanting to click through the images. Apart from that observation, which is a suggestion for improvement rather than a criticism, the site works well.

x-ray photography art

The image content of the site is stunning in its simplicity and beauty. Comprising a lovely range from single flowers and plant sections to perfect arrangements of floral elements, the work is inspiring and makes you want to go find a friendly radiologist. BW images all, they exhibit great tonality and one could only believe they would make lovely prints. There are two additional galleries: Beyond the Garden and Camera Work. Beyond the Garden is a small but excellent collection of x-ray work assembled into simulated landscapes. Camera Work is, as you would expect, a collection of conventional photography of landscapes and floral studies. Again, this work is lovely in its tonality, composition and beauty.

x-ray photography art

All around, this is a great site with outstanding art work and Steven N. Meyers is to be congratulated for such a lovely body of work.

Innervisions is at:

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