The cinematographer’s process

Robert Hardy over on No Film School (a great site) has a great series of articles on the cinematographer’s process: Part 1 – Breaking down the script There’s also a great recent article and a video by Jim Denault on this topic Part 2 – Defining your camera strategy      

Managing data in FCPX

Dan McComb over on his blog has published a good series of three articles on data wrangling in FCPX. His focus is documentary film making: Part 1 – Securing your footage (pretty short article) Part 2 – Choosing storage Part 3 – Organising for the edit (pretty long article)

Colour Grading

Our current focus is on improving our skills in colour grading. To this end I thought I would share some links I’m finding useful: General article on colour grading Learn Color Grading .com FxFactory plugin Color Finale plugin for FCPX  

Focus is first studio movie edited in FCPX

Focus is a pretty damn good film and is also the first studio production edited in FCPX. As an FCPX user, I’ve been keen to read how this was done and thought you might be too. So here are some links: FCP.CO article Apple’s article FX Factory with some great videos Creative Planet    

Using the Leap Motion in interactive art projects

I’ve been exploring the Leap Motion since it was released and using microcontrollers, like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi for longer. These devices seem a perfect combination for interactive art projects. I recently came across this article on the Leap Motion blog and thought it might serve as a good starting point for others. You …

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