Canon 350D/Rebel XT Daytime Noise Tests

We test the Canon 350D / Rebel XT for image noise at all ISO settings in daytime and provide the RAW files so they can be downloaded, if desired, for personal examination.
We test the Canon 350D or Rebel XT for noise in daytime lighting.

The RAW files for these images are available on the special digital camera section of the site for download so that you can examine the images yourself.

These images were shot using Canon’s 100mm f2.8 macro lens, in Program mode, and with the starting exposure (100ISO) of 1/60second @f2.8. Since these were noise tests it was not felt necessary to keep the aperture fixed.

Canon 350D / Rebel XT Noise Test

Canon 350D / Rebel XT Noise Test

Canon 350D / Rebel XT Noise Test

Canon 350D / Rebel XT Noise Test

Canon 350D / Rebel XT Noise Test

Ok, so some analysis. The 350D does remarkably well at higher ISO settings on the noise front. It is well controlled all the way through to 1600. Personally, I would not rate the 350D as being as low noise as I would want at low ISO settings though, especially 100ISO. There is a base level of noise that is higher than was in the 6MP dSLRs that has actually meant that I preferred the images from a 6MP for some applications.

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