Canon G6 IR Performance (Revised)

Infrared test.
The Canon G6 is a lovely camera in normal use. As you will see, its IR performance is also excellent, with the advantage over an SLR that, being a ‘rangefinder’ camera, you can still use the optical viewfinder to compose your shots with the IR filter on the lens.

Shot in RAW mode, exposure 1 second at f3

Another RAW image at the other end of the zoom range, exposure 0.6 second at f2.5

A straight mono conversion in PS

The RED channel

The GREEN channel

The BLUE channel

There is a fair bit of noise, especially in the blue channel, because as you can see the exposure times are fairly long. This indicates that the G6 has a quite effective built-in IR blocking filter. Despite this, I would call the IR performance of this camera a good rating. The optical viewfinder makes composing quite easy with the filter in place, compared to a dSLR. I’d encourage anyone with a G6 to give it a go.

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