Canto announces Kodak RealTimeProof Partner integration

Digital Asset Management solution provides integration of Cumulus and Kodak’s RealTimeProof Partner product
Canto, a global leader in Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions has
announced that it will provide a new integrated solution of Cumulus and
Kodak’s RealTimeProof Partner product.

Canto has developed an integration that leverages the remote proofing,
approval management and color management features of RealTimeProof
Partner. This allows customers to significantly reduce cycle times on
approvals for digital assets and at the same time to achieve reliable
color management.

“Canto’s solution exceeded our expectations,” said Rob Montraix, IT
Director at Haggin Marketing, “and we have done our fair share of
research to find the right Proofing system. The comparison panel of
RealTimeProof simply rocks!”

The RealTimeProof client application can be invoked seemlessly from the
web, after selecting the asset using the Cumulus web application or the
Cumulus native client application. That way, users can choose their
preferred work environment. In either case the RealTimeProof client
application will allow previewing of assets, attachment of annotations
& comparison of assets.

The integration also taps into the version control system Cumulus
offers, allowing to search for specific versions by annotation, or to
visually compare different versions of the same asset or even different
assets using the unique Compare feature of RealTimeProof Partner. This
makes it much more easier to control whether adjustments to an asset
were performed as instructed.

“Remote proofing is ready for prime time,” says Canto’s CEO Jennifer
Neumann. “We see strong demand for it with our customer base, as
workflows are changing in an effort to significantly cut time to print
or other output media.”

“Kodak’s RealTimeProof Partner’s open interface allowed Canto to easily
integrate Partner into Cumulus Enterprise.” says Steve Stein, Director,
Worldwide Monitor and Remote Proofing Support. “The benefit for Cumulus
users is the ability to use our proprietary Pixels-on-Demand technology
to stream actual, full-resolution images with no visable loss,
compression or artifacts directly to their Macintosh or Windows PC in a
matter of seconds.”

The integration will be available exclusively for Cumulus Enterprise
products. Further details will on pricing and availability will be
announced soon.

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