Spanish Websites Suffer From Poor Performance

WatchMouse research shows that 71% of IBEX websites availability is below industry standards Press Release Of the top 35 funds listed on the Bolsa de Madrid (IBEX), 25 havewebsites with poor to dramatically poor availability. Many of the sitesare badly accessible or unavailable for more than an hour per month. The worst site, that of […]

Macromedia Announce MAX Winners

Airservices Australia and Tequila lead Australian success at the 2005 MAX Awards Press Release Macromedia today announced the winners of the 2005 MAX Awards, whichrecognise the top digital experiences built with Macromediatechnology.    The judges at MAX 2005 selected Airservices Australia as the winner inthe ‘government experience’ category for its ‘Flying Around’project.  Created by Airservices […]

Advice on Handling Non-Web Documents on Web Sites

Jakob Nielsen has new advice for web site developers Jacob Nielsen’s excellent web site has an new alert on how todisplay non-web documents, like PDFs, on your web sites. He advisesthat non-web documents should not display in a web browser, but ratherin another application to make it clear to users about what they arelooking […]

Designing Web Sites for an International Audience

Jacob Nielson’s site offers some good advice Jakob Nielson’s web useability site has a new alert article on thedesign of web sites to suit an international audience. Definitely someuseful points in here. isdedicated to providing useful information of web useability andeffective web site design principles. There is a free newsletter alertof when new […]

Privacy Policies for Web Sites

Having an effective privacy policy can be a key to a successful web site. A requirement for many web sites these days is a privacy policy. Inmany parts of the world government regulations affect the collection,storage and communication of information about individuals. There arealso international treaties affecting these areas. Many web sites collect some sort […]