Podcasting â

Podcasting is a new format for distributing audio and video content over the Internet. From the technical viewpoint, podcasting involves nothing new – it’s just embedding of multimedia-content (audio or video) into an RSS feed. It is not difficult to create a podcast. There are both specialized web services and desktop applications for the task. […]

The Essentials of Web Sites for Photographers, Artists and Designers

Having the website is an essential part of life for creative professionals and serious amateurs, but it can be full of traps. So you have decided that you need a website. What is the best approach and how to do it in an optimal way? When you enter a web site’s domain name into your […]

Email Newsletters – Latest Jakob Nielsen Useability Report

Newsletter usability has increased since our last study, but the competition for users’ attention has also grown with the ever-increasing glut of information. In his latest report, Jakob Nielsen takes an indepth look at email newsletters and how readers use them. The short version can be read here.

Where Does the Eye Go in Looking at a Website?

Latest Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox draws your attention to eye flow patterns. In the latest Jakob Nielson Alertbox newsletter he discusses the results of tests done on tracking eye movement over typical web pages. It is quite interesting and potentially very useful information for web site designers. The report can be seen at this link.

Break the Webmaster Bottleneck: Managing Content with a CMS

Brook Group’s content management system, Tacklebox, prevents major legal and communication problems, revolutionizing Web site creation and maintenance. Press Release Tacklebox, a content management system (CMS) from Brook Group, revolutionizes Web site creation and maintenance. While managing Web content often compares to herding cats, Tacklebox simplifies and streamlines the process. (http://www.brookgroup.com/tacklebox) A CMS increases efficiency […]