Seek Out Peers

While there is great value in the idea of the artist or photographer working away in blissful isolation, there is also a lot of value in learning from others. One school of thought is that if you work in isolation that you will be free to create your own, completely personal and original voice as …

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Plan, Then Shoot

Shooting spontaneously is great, and can produce stunning shots. But with most of us time limited, a bit of preparation ahead of time can maximize your chances. Many people have the impression that photography needs to be spontaneous to be creative. This is true for some people and for some of the time. But like …

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Shoot Different

Avoiding stagnation in your creativity is an ongoing task. It is very easy to settle into a rut. This is a normal but regrettable state of affairs. It is regrettable because it is so easy to do and so many ideas in our culture teach us that stability is good. Stability, perhaps yes, but stagnation …

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Print More

It is hard to judge our images completely when we only examine them on screen. Especially since the arrival of digital, many of us do not print images as much as we used to. Images look different in print than they do on the screen. You can gain a different perspective. The key to the …

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