Corel Most Creative Family Photo Competition January Winner

The results are in for the creative family photo competition for January.
Corel Most Creative Family Photo Competition

Results of the January Competition

Well we have a winner for January of the Corel Snapfire software: Ursula Freer of Santa Fe, New Mexico, with the work Galicia

Ursula Freer image

Galicia  (the place I was born, Poland then, Russia later, Ukraine now.)
This family photos is a composite of some ancient badly faded photos of my ancestors, their home and scans of old letters. Since the photos were beyond repair I decided to keep the frame, background and mushrooms (all reminiscent of the surroundings) similarly soft to they would work together.

This work struck everyone here as  a great way to present family photos in a very powerful way.

A runner up I want to feature is by Lindy Leslie-Bitterli of Sykesville, Maryland with her work 4th Birthday Lindy Leslie-Bitterli image

These are pictures of my little boy which I took with a digital Olympus camera on his 4th Birthday.
I took each photo, resized them by 50% and then using the FREEHAND SELECTION tool, feathered by 40, extracted the part of the photo I wanted to use. I created a blank transparent canvas, then copied each selection and pasted onto the new canvas. I also use the  ONE STEP NOISE REMOVAL tool to get rid of any graininess in the photos. I then applied a DROP SHADOW to each photo. I created a gradient, using the colors from the pictures, flood filled my background and then added a paper texture to the gradient background. I added his name, selecting a font that I thought was most suitable, an extra picture which I tubed (the snake) and lastly added a border.

It is a great way to combine images in a way kids and family will love. Well done.

Get your entries in for February.

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