Create for Yourself

ImageMaker photography tip number 2
You cannot create photography (or any other form of art) for a fictional, ideal customer or buyer. You can only create for yourself.

Now obviously if you are shooting commercial photography for a client you must please the client. That is a different situation and shooting to please the client is a core part of the job.  And a job it is in that situation.

But when you are creating images with no single, definite customer in mind, you need to concentrate on only pleasing yourself. This is especially true of the fine art photographer and the hobbyist.

Why is this? Because one of the keys to creating strong work is maintaining the integrity of your images. You can’t do this if you are second guessing yourself and trying to please someone else who may or may not even exist. By the same token, don’t create for your spouse, camera club judge, parents, friends or instructor.

You must be true to yourself.

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