Use a Tripod More

ImageMaker photography tip number 3
Most of us do not use a tripod anywhere near as often as we should. But this oversight is easy to correct.

Tripods have other benefits than just supporting the camera in very low light. They can help to make images sharper even at hand holdable shutter speeds, take some pressure off of your arms and aid with controlled motions, like panning.

One of the biggest benefits of using a tripod is that it slows your shooting down and allows you to setup a shot, step back and consider the camera in context with the scene and then shoot with consideration. The fact that you can lock the exact position and then consider, adjust, reconsider, and so on as much as you want gives you a huge benefit. Getting things right when you shoot gives you the best starting point for later work, again with careful consideration, on the computer.

I know many of us put ball heads on our tripods. I know I do. But there is also a lot of value in a two or ideally three-axis tilt pan head. This allows you to readily adjust the camera position and view one axis at a time.

Sometimes you have to slow down to be in the flow.

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