Digital wedding photography

A guide to shooting weddings for people using digital equipment.
Step-by-step / 006 /
Digital wedding photography
By Paul F. Gero
Ilex, 2006
ISBN: 1 904705 49 9

This book on wedding photography in a digital mode takes a good, hard look at how to shoot weddings and what a digital process can add to it.

Digital Wedding Photography

Covering the contents using double page spreads on each topic, the book is organized into six chapters:
*    Your digital camera
*    Taking great wedding photos
*    Essential wedding portraits
*    Special wedding moments
*    Digital darkroom techniques
*    Showing and sharing

This book does a good job of covering not only the techniques that one can use, both with camera and computer, but also the images that you should be capturing in the first place. Profusely illustrated yet providing plenty of room for text, the book achieves a nice balance between information and inspiration.

This is a good book for those interested in getting into wedding photography or those wanting to improve the shots they already get. There is a good coverage of equipment issues. A nice section on computer use covers the core aspects of what you may need to do to images after they have been taken, and on what you can’t fix later on the computer. This is important in dispelling the myth that you can fix bad photography later on the computer. You can, but only so far. The book covers the main shots that you need to get at every wedding and has good advice on preparation and planning.

Digital Wedding Photography

This is a good introduction to shooting weddings with digital cameras. It is perfect for the amateur and the amateur trying to turn professional. It is also a good book for photography students. Pros probably won’t get much out of this book except the wedding specific aspects of what shots to take, though these should be pretty obvious to a professional. So a great book for amateurs, students and semi-professionals.

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