Macrophotography – Learning from a Master

A great book on this technically challenging area of photography
Learning from a Master
Text by Ronan Loaec, Photography by Gilles Martin
Harry N. Abrams, 2003
ISBN: 0 8109 9117 9

Gilles Martin is certainly a master of nature and macrophotography and this book is a gem.


This thick (300 pages), big and beautifully illustrated book is divided into chapters:
*    Equipment Adapted to Macrophotography
*    Photographic Technique
*    Macrophotography in the Field
*    Habitats
*    Studio Macrophotography
*    Shooting Techniques
*    Microphotography

In short, this is a must have book. The illustrations are simply stunning and inspiring, the text is incisive, clear and complete, and the coverage is broad and yet deep.

The long version is that this book provides what is effectively a full course in macrophotography, from the simplest concepts to the most complex and elaborate. Excellent presentations are made on simpler topics like depth of field at macro distances and optical effects through to handling tricky and poisonous subjects. Even complex topics, such as the use of endoscopes and photomicroscopy, are treated well given the broad scope of the book and with an appropriate depth of discussion. It manages to do all this whilst providing amazing images that will inspire and impress.


Macrophotography offers huge potential for photographers to develop their seeing and technical skills. The fact that you can create entire worlds on a table top, in an aquarium or in your own garden gives you a huge opportunity to practice, develop and experiment independent of your ability to travel to exotic locations, bad weather or lack of time to get away from home.

This is one of those truly great books and deserves a place on the bookshelf of every photographer interested in macro, and indeed on the bookshelf of pretty much every serious photographer. Buy it or find a library that has it and borrow it. It deserves to be read.

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