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Digital ImageMaker International is now a magazine

Digital ImageMaker International is out as both a print magazine and as an ebook.

The print version is an 8.25 inch x 10.75 inch, full colour, perfect-bound magazine. Image reproduction quality is excellent. Images will run various sizes up to the full double page spread. It is printed at 300dpi.

The ebook version is available from Amazon, Smashwords, Apple and other online ebook stores.

Call for Submissions

DIMi looks at all areas of image making that involve some aspect of the digital. We are aiming to create ways for people to get recognition for their work, to help them get gallery shows and to ultimately help them obtain sales if that is important.

As such, we are seeking submissions of the following:

  • Portfolios of high quality work
  • Strong single pieces from emerging practitioners
  • Articles: how-to, philosophy of imaging, inspirational, exhibition reviews of major shows and such

For photography and digital art educators we are keen to publish portfolios of collected student works.

More to control submissions, we are placing a submission fee on portfolios and individual images. Portfolios attract a submission fee of US$7.50 while individual images attract a submission fee of $4.50 paid through PayPal only. For submissions from within Australia this price includes 10% GST. This is non-refundable, does not guarantee you publication and your submissions will only be examined after payment through Paypal has been received. In the case of tertiary educators submitting portfolios of student work we will not charge the submission fee so long as you are from a recognised tertiary educational institution and clearly identify it as such on your submission.

We will also invite artists to be profiled and these, of course, will not pay a submission fee.

The Paypal account for TechnoMagickal Pty Ltd is wayne at (@) dimagemaker.com

Portfolio Submissions

We need JPEGs of 8-10 images initially, sized to maximum dimension 1024 pixels (and I mean exactly that), along with a Word or similar document with something like an artist’s statement or statement of your philosophy or approach. If we choose to publish your submission we will contact you for higher resolution images (for the print version) as well as to conduct an interview to fill out the text. If we want to publish your work we will likely ask to see more.

Those submitting student’s work should pick a representative sample of the work you expect to be publishable.

If you have single knock-out images rather than a whole portfolio, then we would be happy to examine them for possible publication in a section that will run each issue of inspirational material.

For those submitting video or animation material we obviously cannot work with Flash.  We would prefer a link to where we can view the video on the web somewhere initially, so we only have to handle large files when we know we will publish them. Video will go in the app but not, obviously, in the print edition. That will go online and a link provided.

People with work in the issue will be provided with a PDF the article covering them. Print and app versions will have to be bought.

Feedback is welcome.

Please email me offlist on wayne at (@) dimagemaker.com

Please put the word SUBMISSION in the Subject if that is what you are doing.

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