Rights Required

With whatever you submit, your submission means that you are willing to have your work published by DIMi, that you own the copyright for the submission and have all relevant rights and permissions to do so, such as model and property releases, etc. Further your submission means that you indemnify Digital ImageMaker International (DIMi), Technomagickal Pty Ltd and Sci-Art Trust, plus our assignees and partners, from any claims relating to copyright, rights and permissions relating to your submission.

All copyright and ownership of your work remains with you.

DIMi wants no rights over your submission beyond a perpetual and non-exclusive right to publish your work in any form, electronic or print, indefinitely, but only in the form of the DIMi magazine or any special issues or accumulations (such as a Best of DIMi) or in the promotion of DIMi. Your work will always be published with your name and, wherever possible, a link to a site where people can see more of your work and contact you, except in the case of illustrations showing the magazine in advertising or on the app store.

The above means that we will not sell your work to anyone else or use it for any other purposes than those associated with publishing and promoting the DIMi magazine.

If you are submitting an article then the above all applies, as well as the requirement that the article has either not been published or submitted elsewhere, or if it has been published elsewhere that you retain the rights to further publication.

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