Epson Australian Landscape Photography Competition Winner

With huge difficulty we award the Epson 1410 printer to a single winner.
Results for the Australian Landscape Photography Competition

This was a hugely difficult competition to judge. All the people we consulted had the same experience, they found it reasonable easy to get it down to four or five finalists (always the same ones) but then it was hard to choose between them because all were great images and all were strong in various ways.

In the end, everyone agreed that it came down to one image. So we award the prize of an Epson 1410 printer to Tony Dimmock of Melbourne for his image Passing Storm 2, shot at Lake Mungo. The judges felt it was a strong and dramatic image, showing patience to get the sky and lighting right, even though the sky and landscape were shot at different times. For those who don’t know, Lake Mungo is not easy to get to and has some significance beyond the amazing landscape for being the site of some of the oldest Aboriginal remains found in Australia.

Tony Dimmock Photography

You can view all the finalists in the Epson Australian Landscape Photography Competition Gallery

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